The Experience That Turned My Seven Year Old Off JoJo Siwa For Good

A miracle has occurred. A giant, bright coloured, sparkly miracle.

My JoJo Siwa obsessed daughter has hung up her own giant bow, her ponytail has loosened, and no longer does she want to follow in the YouTube star’s footsteps to sing and dance for millions of adoring young fans.

And to tell you the truth, I couldn’t be prouder than if she earned the $17.5 million fortune that the teen sensation has earned herself.

You see, for months I have been dreading January, ever since I heard that JoJo was bringing her D.R.E.A.M Tour to Oz.

When it was announced I knew that despite my best efforts of trying to cover up this news, it would become known by my eldest daughter, Addi, eventually.

I was right, eventually it was reality only days later -- the D.R.E.A.M Tour became the talk of school and subsequently my NIGHTMARE.

Shona and her eldest daughter. Image: Getty

That very afternoon, Addi came home telling me JoJo was coming to Australia like it was brand new information to my ears. I pretended like I was shocked to hear it (not that I had known for days but had done everything I could to cover it up).

After telling me this ‘news’, next of course came:

“Can we go? PLEEEEEEEASE?”

After navigating the choppy waters, I managed to let her down softly without tainting her with my JoJo dislike brush. Then as the hype calmed down (also known as the Siwanatorz -- her fans) I breathed a sigh of relief.

But now with January here, along with it came the coverage of JoJo arriving in Australia, as well as promotions for the last remaining tickets to her shows being pushed out.



Why I Won't Be Taking My Daughter To See JoJo Siwa When She Comes To Australia

Any parent of a tween would now know the ‘news’ that JoJo Siwa (AKA JoJo Bow Girl) is boomerang-ing her way down under.

Then of course there was the not just one, but two videos she posted on her YouTube Channel to show her 10.5 million subscribers her 'modest' new house. Isn’t she thoughtful?

The one fit with what she calls her own ‘7-Eleven store’ fit with Coca-Cola merch, jars of ‘candy’ and of course an array of slushy machines. There was also a car park of BMWs and Teslas outside, and in the home’s foyer a grand piano as well as a selection of mannequins wearing her own sparkly costumes like a museum all about… her.

But then one evening, poignantly the same evening after she watched JoJo’s house tours on YouTube, I saw Addi remove her collection of treasured JoJo bows from their prominent display on her jewellery stand and being placed into a drawer.

Shona Hendley. Image: Supplied

When I asked what she was doing, she replied with the sweetest song I have probably ever heard:

“I don’t even like JoJo that much anymore. There are so many other amazing girls out there that are doing better things," she said.

At first, I doubled back with a sense of shock bigger than JoJo’s own ego. But soon I came back around just like a boomerang to follow up with what she meant.

“I just mean there are girls that do good things for other people and not just for themselves. She has so many things in her house but some people have nothing. I don’t really get it," Addi replied.



JoJo Siwa Took Us On A Tour Of Her New Mansion And Oh Boy, It's Not Good

Ahead of her Australian tour, JoJo Siwa walked fans through her enormous California mansion, complete with a Lego mural and a room dedicated entirely to her own merchandise.

And this was the moment that I knew a miracle had occurred or something I would like to believe was due to some sort of exceptional level of parenting on my behalf (more likely a miracle).

Without any real doing of my own or any overtly negative JoJo influence upon her, the Siwanatorz tide had turned and the bows were being put away.

What I was happiest about with Addi’s choice was not only that it was her own but that it had a lot to do with the 'JoJo brand' itself. It was a reaction to the values she overtly represents.

JoJo Siwa is currently in Australia on tour. Image: Getty

Her ‘thoughtful’ clips to let the everyday Siwanatorzs learn a bit about the ‘real’ her by showing them inside the OTT mansion that they essentially bought her, was enough to turn even a true fan off.

The excess of everything, the blatant ode to JoJo herself, the product placement within these ‘casual’ videos seemed to smash through the rock candy adoration and bring JoJo out of D.R.E.A.M status and back to reality (where she probably has never actually been herself). It was beautiful.

Now as my seven-year-old lets her curls hang loose and picks up Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls to read about female scientists, pirates, pilots, teachers and fashion designers, I can relax knowing that JoJo Siwa will not be making an appearance in these stories.

Featured image: Supplied/Getty