Aussie Mum's Unconventional Budgeting Tip For The School Holidays Goes Viral

Looking after your kids on the school holidays is a little bit like running a marathon.

For the first kilometre, you're full of hope and enjoy the idea of spending some quality time with your children.

Then as the tantrums start and arguments with siblings ensue, you gradually begin to feel more worn down and begin searching for a water station to catch yourself.

By mid January? After hearing 'I'm bored' more times than you can count, you're crawling to the finish line, ready to throw in the towel and hand them back to a teacher.



How I Reduced My Family's Supermarket Spend By $10,000 A Year

There is no doubt that a major cost for most households (and probably the most common area of overspending) is of course… food.

Aside from being pretty much sick of them, having kids at home and keeping them entertained can cost a bomb.

That's why when mum-of-four, Sam Vujic, shared her unconventional money-saving hack to the Mums Who Budget And Save Facebook group, parents nodded in agreement.

"School holiday budgeting tip," Vujic wrote, along with a photo of two of her children sleeping in the back seat while she sipped on a McDonald's drink.

"Wait until at least two of your kids are asleep in the car before going through drive-thru."

Two of Sam's children asleep while she goes through the drive-thru. Image: Supplied

The post has since gone viral, gaining over 7,000 reactions and almost 300 comments, with many parents sharing similar experiences of them doing the same to their own children while on school holidays.

"I do this, especially at night time," one parent wrote.

"Nasty but have done this before," added another.

This is so true. I save so much when I just buy for myself!

Yet waiting for the kids to fall asleep isn't the only sneaky trick mums seem to be using.

"Kids hate food shopping so they stay with dad while I go 'food shopping' enjoy my Maccas run then go get Click and Collect. No one caught on yet," one commenter added.

"38 weeks pregnant with number four... I regularly wait till hubby is home to grab the bread and milk from Coles... he always wonders why it takes so long," a woman wrote, sharing a photo of herself in the drive-thru.



Mum's $1.50 Hack For Stopping Supermarket Toddler Tantrums Goes Viral

Surviving grocery shopping with kids isn't an easy task.

Though some parents did point out a critical flaw with the hack, that's the moment your kids wake up.

"Mine will be fast asleep so I order at the speaker box -- no problem, not awake. The moment I get to the window to pay, she wakes up and then I have to order again," one commented.

"My daughter wakes every time I pace the order," another added.

Yet apparently among the many skills adults acquire when they become parents, becoming proficient in the 'drive-thu voice' is one of them.

"Mastering the optimum volume of whisper to ensure the Maccas person on the other end of the box can hear you, but not loud enough to wake the kids is a definite skill," a parent joked.

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