Mum's $1.50 Hack For Stopping Supermarket Toddler Tantrums Goes Viral

Surviving grocery shopping with kids isn't an easy task.

Each supermarket aisle is lined with its own landmines and navigating them without stepping on one as a parent is pretty difficult.

To begin with, going to the supermarket is mostly boring for a child. The only time it isn't is when they're grabbing something from the shelf that they want to throw into the trolley, only to be told they're not allowed.

Cue: epic meltdown.

That's why one mum's hack for keeping her toddler preoccupied while she does the food shop is going viral.

Mum Lauren Lista shared her clever trick in the Kmart Mums Australia Facebook page and it was met with an overwhelmingly positive response from fellow parents.

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It involved taking one giant ice cube tray full of snacks that the mum attaches to the supermarket trolley using two stroller clips.

The snacks Lista included in the tray were cucumber, berries, cheerios, rice cakes, yoghurt drops, sultanas and crackers.

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Speaking to 10 daily, Lista said her 22-month-old son, Harrison, is 'fiercely independent' and begs to get out of the trolley so he can run around the shop, with the trick keeping him in check so she can complete the shopping.

"Snacks help keep him occupied in the trolley for a few minutes, but he ends up dropping most of it since he has to hold the container himself (such as a box of sultanas)," Lista said.

"I wanted to come up with a way that he could actually eat his snacks (so they'd keep him busy and happy longer) without spilling them and still have his independence."

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Lista liked the idea of an icecube tray because it can hold a variety of snacks and the clips keep it in place on any trolley.

The best part is the tray she uses is only $1.50 from Kmart.

They come in a variety of colours. Image: Kmart

"I pack the ice tray with snacks at home, seal it in a snap lid container, and pop the whole thing in my bag," she said.

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Lista said it's ready to clip onto the trolley once they get to the supermarket, which she wipes with an antibacterial wipe first.

"It keeps Harry happy for the whole grocery shopping trip," she said.

The snack tray works with any trolley and I use it as often as possible.

Since the time of posting, Lista's hack has received over 7,000 reactions and 350 comments, with many parents calling her idea 'genius'.

"Love this idea!!! It might keep my son seated for five minutes," wrote one mum.

"Oh my god -- this is my biggest ever game changer," added another commenter.

It's a response Lista didn't expect. "I just thought I had a cool idea that could help other mums of young kids," she said.

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