I Can Confirm This Is The Most Disgusting Thing You Can Do On A Plane

If you want to see the worst of human behaviour, all you really need to do is get on board a domestic or international flight.

That's because for some unknown reason, you're not really yourself the second you step onto a plane.

Maybe it has something to do with the confined space or maybe it's the fact you can only rely on an air hostess for all your humanly needs while the seat belt sign is switched on.

Whatever it is, I've been witness to some pretty gross behaviour while up in the air and I'll bet my economy class ticket that you have too.

From watching people drop food between their seats that's never to be found again to walking barefoot down the aisle, I've pretty much seen it all.

There's not much that can happen on a plane these days that will shock me.



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Except there is currently a video that's going viral on Reddit of a fellow plane passenger's untoward behaviour and upon watching it, I had fierce flashbacks of the time it happened to me.

And I have to call it, this is without question the most disgusting thing you can do on a plane.

The video, which was shared two days ago, shows the unimpressed look on a teenager's face when an unidentified passenger slips their foot through the space between the chair and wall of the cabin, placing their foot on the armrest. (You can watch it at the top of the post.)

There is no world in which this is okay. Image: Reddit

I know that pain, I know that feeling because I too, have been there. I was on board an international flight to Singapore for a work trip when I felt it.

I was in the window seat, had a neck pillow on and was resting my head on the wall of the cabin trying to get some sleep when I felt something poke me in the back of the head.

Thinking it must be a child trying to retrieve something they'd dropped between the seat, I lifted my head and looked to the side. That is when I saw a giant foot poking through the chair and onto my arm rest. My arm rest.



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Not being one for confrontation, I did the only thing a logical plane passenger would do. I shoved my pillow there and proceeded to push this unknown person's foot back into his designated space of the plane with my elbow.

Surely they would get the hint and move their foot? So I thought. Spoiler: they didn't and I spent the rest of the flight holding my pillow between the gap in fierce protest, continuing a silent tug of war throughout the remainder of the flight.

When we landed and were waiting to disembark the plane, I got up to get a good look at what was surely an alien sitting behind me. No extraterrestrial, just an (obviously entitled) middle aged bloke.

I shot him a dirty look and that was the extend of my inaction. But it is without question, the most inconsiderate and disgusting thing I've ever had happen to me on a plane.

Sure, space is limited. You might be uncomfortable, I get it. But the arm rest is no place for your dirty foot. That's literally why it's called an arm rest.

Like it's not bad enough you have to fight for the arm space when you're sitting in the middle, and you have to get up every time someone wants to stretch when you're in the aisle, now the window seat isn't safe either? It's simply unjust.

Since the time of posting, the video has received over 76,000 upvotes and over 3500 comments. And it seems I'm not the only one who has experienced this disgusting behaviour.

"It happened to me once on a flight. At least the foot was covered by a sock. I stabbed her toes with the in-flight magazine until she reeled her foot back to her lair," a commenter wrote.

Best part: she looked at me and said: 'what’s wrong with you?

"How do people remain silent? I'd be turning around and shaming the person the very second a nasty, disgust foot slithered up next to me," another added.

"In which universe is this okay? I don't like confrontation but there is no way I would let this go," added a third.

So please, I beg of you, if you are one of these people who puts their foot on the arm rest, I implore you to stop. You never know, the next passenger you try it on might not be as non-confrontational as me.

Featured image: Reddit