Kylie Jenner Donates $1M To Bushfire Relief After 'Hypocritical' Animal Message

Billionaire Kylie Jenner has pledged $1 million to a number of Australian organisations battling the bushfires after she was slammed for her 'hypocritical' Instagram story. 

Earlier this week, the makeup tycoon was heavily criticised for posting two starkly different images to her Instagram story.

In one image, Jenner shared a photo of a volunteer firefighter rescuing a koala, with the captions "over half a BILLION animals have been killed in Australia" and "this breaks my heart..."

In the next, she shared a photo of her Louis Vuitton mink fur slippers, that retail for $2,157 Australian.

The images were shared side-by-side to her 156 million Instagram followers.



Kylie Minogue Donates $500k, 'Pauses' Tourism Ad Amid Bushfire Crisis

Kylie Minogue's much-vaunted Tourism Australia ad has been taken off air in the wake of the devastating bushfires sweeping the country, with the pop princess donating $500,000 to the cause.

Twitter was quick to call out the 22-year-old, branding her "disconnected" and a "hypocrite."

"Kylie Jenner really out here posting about her wearing a footwear made out of animal fur straight after crying over animals being killed..." wrote one angry Twitter user.

"Eat the rich," wrote another.

Many called upon Jenner's fans to boycott her beauty brand, Kylie Cosmetics, and instead donate the funds to bushfire relief.

Following the immense online backlash, PEOPLE have now confirmed that Jenner will be donating $1 million to a number of relief efforts in Australia.

A source has told the publication that Jenner's Instagram gaffe was "completely unintentional," and that the reality star "stands behind her desire to want to help provide relief towards the devastation the fires have caused."



Kim And Khloe Kardashian Respond To Bushfire Criticism After Being Accused Of Not Donating

The famous siblings were attacked for their response to the Australian bushfires, with some accusing them of not donating the relief efforts despite their immense wealth.

As an increasing number of celebs, both Australian and international, pledge large scale donations to the cause, fans of the Kardashian clan have lashed out at the famous family for staying particularly quiet on the matter.

The criticism came after Kimmy K took to Twitter to write a number of posts about the bushfires and climate change, without any mention of donating her own money.

Kim and Khloe Kardashian did not take this lying down, however, tweeting that the public was not aware of everything the family does behind closed doors.

The sisters' tweets certainly allude to the fact that they have donated privately.

But at this stage, Kylie is the only Kardashian/Jenner who has been confirmed to have donated to Australia.

Featured Image: Instagram