Spare A Thought For Giuliana Rancic Who Called Kirsten Dunst 'Jennifer Aniston'

Let us take a second to acknowledge how hard it would be to wrangle and interview a red carpet packed to the brim with Hollywood's most famous celebrities.

Now add the element of live television to that scenario and you begin to understand the difficult task E! co-hosts Giuliana Rancic and Ryan Seacrest faced as they kicked off the awards season with the Golden Globes 2020.

As the cameras faced them, the pair crossed back and forth between each other while they conducted the E! Live From The Red Carpet coverage.

Yet even the most professional and seasoned hosts can become subject to a slip up every now and then and it looks like that's what happened to Giuliana Rancic.

Ryan Seacrest was in the middle of an interview with Jennifer Aniston, who just prior was having a love-fest with fellow actress Kerry Washington, having also been interviewed by Seacrest.

Being a live event with many of the celebs being friends and saying hello to each other, Seacrest had the job of inviting sometimes multiple celebrities up a series of steep looking stairs to have a chat with him.

When he said goodbye to Washington, he began talking to Aniston and the success of her series 'The Morning Show'. Following their brief chat, Seacrest went to throw the cross to his co-host, Rancic.

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Awards season is upon us and we're kicking it off with the Golden Globes.

Rancic was preparing to interview actress Kirsten Dunst, except listening in on Seacrest's interview with Aniston seems to have gotten her confused.

And who can blame her? As hosts, she and Seacrest have a multitude of celebrity names running through their heads at any given time.

So with Aniston on her mind but Dunst standing next to her, Rancic said in her introduction: "My favorite actress, Jennifer Aniston, nominated tonight!"

And the moment made for some seriously awkward television. None the less, Rancic being the professional that she is recovered quickly.

Despite not being acknowledged by name, Dunst also handled it like a pro and got on with the interview.

If you watch the clip back however, you might notice that there seems to be a glitch in the feed with Rancic's voice over not appearing to match the visual of her mouth on the screen.

Despite this, Twitter still found the mix up highly entertaining:

That's live television, folks.

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