These Are Australia's Favourite Food And Drink While Flying

Qantas have revealed the biggest food and drink trends of 2018, and boy do we Aussies love our alcohol. 

It's a well known cliche that plane food can be terrible.

It's the backbone of many a 'Seinfeld' reference and, unfortunately, the gurgly reality that can land customers in the cramped aeroplane toilet.

To save yourself the potential stomach ache, you can now look towards your fellow Aussie travellers for their advice and recommendations.



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On Friday, Qantas unveiled the food and beverage trends their customers couldn't get enough of in 2019.

Some 42 million inflight meals were served by the Australian airline in 2019, and a fair whack of them were washed down with wine.

Economy passengers kept things reliable, opting for the chicken salad as the number one most popular meal.

Business and First Class passengers enjoyed more than leg room this year -- they also gobbled down big amounts of seafood, in particular the Humpty Doo Barramundi and celebrity chef Neil Perry's signature snapper.

First Class barramundi. Image: Qantas

Perhaps Australians are nervous flyers, or maybe it's because it takes us so damn long to get anywhere, but we really knocked back our alcohol this year.

An astonishing 5.7 million bottles of wine and champagne were served on board Qantas flights this year. Add to that another one million litres of beer which was poured in their airport lounges.

Tastes varied greatly across the board. The lucky few in First Class opted for champagne above all other alcohol, business passengers loved themselves a dash of red, while the humble folk back in the economy class washed that chicken salad down with some white wine.

Economy passengers washed it all down with wine. Image: Qantas

If you manage to swindle your way into the Qantas lounge on your next holiday, there are some go-to meals you have to try.

The salt and pepper squid was the clear favourite, with Neil Perry's steak sandwich coming in at number two. More than 730,000 steak sandwiches have been served in the First lounge since 1997 -- it's not quite the lobster banquet we all expected, so it must be pretty delicious.

Around 36,000 bottles of champagne were served in the First lounge in Sydney and Melbourne.

With all this bubbly sloshing about, it's little wonder any of us even need to leave the airport to have a good holiday.

Featured Image: 'Seinfeld'