Merry Celebmas: How Your Favourite Famous Faces Spent Christmas

'Twas the day after Christmas, all were bored of their own fam. So they took to celeb's Instagrams, festive and glam.

Nothing quite embodies the spirit of Christmas like a cautiously curated family photo with hundreds and thousands of likes.

While we all sleep off our food comas, play with our pressies, and plant ourselves firmly in front of the cricket, take a moment to spare a thought for our favourite famous faces as they unwind from the ultra-glamorous day that was.

Every Christmas Day, all kinds of celebrities descend upon social media to share snaps from their own festive celebrations. And we voyeurs can't get enough of these behind-the-scenes glimpses into their private lives.



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In the interest of getting you back to your key Boxing Day priorities (read: sleeping and eating), here's a round up of all your favourite celebrities and how they spent Christmas Day.

The Foster Blakes

The funny family celebrated the day in the most 'them' way - silly captions, bright outfits and the kind of adorable snaps that make you scream 'adopt me!'.

This year, Hamish applied his standard fast and loose approach to wrapping pressies, joking with Zoe that the kids wrapped the crumpled gifts.

The Hemsworths

Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky have finally moved into their Byron Bay mega-mansion after two years of construction. Fans were given one of their first looks inside the home in an Instagram picture posted by Elsa of their impressive table setting. The photo featured a number of the couple's family, friends and brother Liam and Luke.

Liam Hemsworth brought the day in the best kind of way: with a beer and a muscle tee.

The Witherspoons

Reese Witherspoon has posted approximately 1000 Christmas-themed snaps since the start of the month, and Christmas Day itself was of course no exception. The 'Morning Wars' star posted a happy snap in the kitchen with the many women in her family, including her strikingly similar daughter, Ava.

The Jenners and Kardashian Wests

The annual Kardashian Christmas Eve dinner was an expectedly bonkers affair brimming with excess and sparkles. The famous family 'grammed the hell out of the event, especially their stunning outfits and the gospel choir serenading the guests.

Kylie Jenner attended with ex-partner and Stormi's father Travis Scott. The next morning, Kylie and Stormi rocked matching Christmas pyjamas.

The Judds

Australians have been a little obsessed with all things going on inside the home of the Judds. Bec and Chris' mansion renovation has become the stuff of mythology for it's gobsmacking $7.3 million budget and luxe interior. The football family spent the day with extended family.

Laura Byrne and Matty J

The 'Bachelor' couple celebrated their baby daughter Marlie-Mae's first Christmas this year. The reality TV duo welcomed their bub back in June. The couple, all dressed in red, shared several family photos taken in the backyard, dog and all. In one of the photos, the adorable Marlie-Mae smiles straight into the camera.