Vegan Woman Is Given Sorry Excuse For Birthday Cake

The vegan lifestyle isn't for everyone, but we can all agree that ice in a cup is no one's definition of 'dessert'.

In protest, vegans the world over have taken to Twitter to share the sorry excuses for desserts that restaurants have placed in front of them.

It all began when 18-year-old Yazmin went viral when she tweeted the laughably little meal a restaurant served her to celebrate her birthday.

On the plate was nothing more than a single slice of banana and syrup sauce that spelled 'Happy Birthday'.

To the kitchen's credit, they did perch a candle on top. So that's nice.

Yazmin clearly saw the humour in the situation, later tweeting that she managed to eat "the whole thing."

The original tweet has a whopping 68 thousand likes, and has inspired an array of vegans to come forward with their own dietary disasters.

Preparing a vegan cake is no easy feat, but these eateries haven't even earned an E for effort.

In the thread is this calamity: the most un-sexy chocolate and strawberries combo we've ever seen.

Image: Twitter

There's a birthday prank that would leave anyone reeling.

Image: Twitter

Bad news for Yazmin whose birthday surprise wasn't any better the second time around.

Image: Twitter

This hilarious ice in a cup is the cherry on top of this whole thread.

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There aren't a lot of situations more awkward than sitting down twiddling your thumbs while your friends and family sing you Happy Birthday.

Do you sing along? Do you clap? Who do you make eye contact with?

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There's only one thing that can make this fresh hell worth it: cutting into your nonexistent cake and sopping up your fake chocolate sauce. Yummy.

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