People Who Are Crap At Wrapping Presents Bring More Happiness, Study Unwraps

If the edges of your presents never quite align or you can pick your bad wrapping in a line up of gifts, today is a good day to be you.

You can finally have the last word against all of those people who have laughed at your Christmas wrapping efforts because the joke is well and truly on them.

A new study out of the University of Nevada found that bad gift wrapping can actually make a person happier.

Yes, you can stick that to all of those people responsible for the perfectly wrapped gifts that look like they were professionally done at a Westfield.

Do they spark at much joy? It seems not.

In the study -- titled 'Presentation Matters: The Effect of Wrapping Neatness on Gift Attitudes' -- the researchers analysed the mood of individuals when they received a perfectly wrapped gift compared to a subpar one.



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The abstract stated: "Specifically, recipients set higher (lower) expectations for neatly (sloppily)‐wrapped gifts, making it harder (easier) for the gifts to meet these expectations, resulting in contrast effects that lead to less (more) positive attitudes toward the gifts once unwrapped."

So basically, your crappy wrapping makes the recipient think the gift is going to be equally sh*t and when they open it an realise it's not, they're happily surprised.

You're just spreading Christmas joy all over the place.

So if wrapping gifts is one of your downfalls, you now have the perfect excuse. If that fails, there's always this hack that might help:



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That's what we call a Christmas miracle. You're welcome.

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