Do You Have 'End Of Decade Anxiety'? I'm Living It, You Might Be Too

I’m gonna party like it’s 2019…

Well okay, it doesn't quite have the same ring to it as the original Prince version but never the less, the countdown is on. Except partying is the last thing I want to be doing.

While it may not be a millennium or a century, a decade it is still a big bloody deal and for many (me) it is one of those milestone times where reflection takes place, a trip down memory lane begins and self-examination of achievements and failures is imminent.

And oh boy, I am not sure if I can handle it.

The reality is, after the festivity of Christmas is gone and New Year's Eve approaches, the ‘year that has been’ specials will dominate our TV screens. We will see recaps on all that has transpired the year just gone and because it is 2019, we will no doubt see all that has happened for the entire decade.

Shona Hendley. Image: Supplied

From the tragedies, to the success stories, the deaths, the joys, the scandals and the WTF moments -- all the highlights and low lights are presented in montage form for all to see.

And as we watch this, we too will begin our own internal television special -- the event reel of us, the low lights, the memories, the mistakes, all that has made the past ten years what it was (well I will, at least).

You see, I am suffering from a very real condition, End of Decade Anxiety (EODA if you will).

And now with only a matter of weeks, days really, until the 20 teens are complete; the butterflies in my stomach, the ruminating thoughts, the desire to face palm and the panic of… well everything is really setting in.

Like end of year anxiety, but worse, end of decade anxiety is the time where you really reflect on what you have achieved, rather than looking back on the past year.

Shona and her husband. Image: Supplied

I personally think is completely excusable to screw up one year entirety. 10? Not so much.

A decade is another matter and the thought that this might actually be the case, an entire ten years of an utter mess, is absolutely terrifying.

Yep, reflecting on ten years is a big deal. I mean a lot of sh*t goes down in ten years or sometimes doesn’t and that can be as bad. I mean, ten years are where long term goals are set. Long term goals that have failed or not been achieved and EEEK this is terrifying.

Well, unless of course you have achieved things and well, good on you (not really, I despise you).

But within my Google psychotherapy, I discovered that this anxiety is not felt by myself alone. In fact, the impending end of the decade is creating anxiety in many as they list their accomplishments and reflect on their achieved and unachieved goals.

Yep, there is even a whole game on social media about it, ‘one month left in the decade’ where people online share their accomplishments between 2010 and 2020.



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So as 2019 fast approaches, here I go:

  • I got married to my amazing husband, a good choice.
  • I was a teacher and I both hated it and failed at what had been in theory, my dream career.
  • I had four deaths of family members close to me that was devastating.
  • Four people I love suffered or are suffering with cancer, three of them have not or will not make it.
  • I bought my first house and second house, an accomplishment.
  • I adopted three goats that I love.
  • I found my MIA father and was rejected by said father, which wasn't ideal, and brother which also wasn't great.
  • I overcame a severe bout of depression, so a pat on the back to me.
  • I had two children who are incredible.
  • I began to write professionally which has been fabulous.

And you know what, although it hasn’t cured me of EODA completely, I am feeling much more equipped to take it on as the 20 teens are farewelled and the 2020s begin.

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