All We Want For Christmas Is This Dog Poo Scooping Robot

Pet owners rejoice, our prayers have been answered.

A poop-scooping robot is in development to help rid us of the only bad thing about owning a dog -- cleaning up after it.

Tech company Beetl Robotics have set to work on creating a robot that can independently collect dog poo.

The Beetl is essentially the rumba meets the Mars rover. Except instead of performing menial tasks like collecting all-important information about outer space in order to assist in the progression of humankind, the Beetl poo scooper does something much more important.

It touches icky poo so we don't have to.

*Jaws music intensifies.* Image: Beetl

The robot is equipped with cloud networking and computer vision in order to autonomously locate piles of poo on the grass. Once over the top of the poo, a mechanical claw meticulously scoops it up and places it inside a sealed canister to later be disposed of.

No word yet on whether they have designed another robot to clean out the poo canister for us, but we can only hope.

Minimal mess, minimal effort. Image: Beetl

The video footage is a sight to behold, and really demonstrates the power of technology when left in the right hands. Clean, poo-less hands. The footage demonstrates how the prototype gathers the excrement with precision and minimal mess.

To keep the machine from leaving your yard, you can create specific boundaries using its inbuilt camera system. The images are then processed in the cloud to map out parametres for the Beetl to work within.

Overhead tracking connects to the cloud. Image: Beetl

The sensors also assist the Beetl in identifying potential obstacles, like kids toys or balls. The Beetl then navigates away from these obstacles and continues on its merry quest sucking up poo.



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Beetl Robotics announced the project months ago, but have yet to take it to market. The team is also working on designing an even more advance robo-scooper, one that mows the lawn as well.

Poo scooping. It's a crappy job, but someone has to do it. We just hope that 'someone' will be a robot.

Featured image: Beetl