Bride Responds To Best Man Punching Her And Dragging Her Down Stairs

Erin Mason-George ended her marriage just hours after her wedding where she was physically attacked by the best man and brother of the groom.

The UK bride had tied the knot with her fiancee, Steffan Wilson, when their day quickly descended into chaos after the brother of the groom, Tomos Rhydian Wilson, physically attacked the newlywed woman. 

A drunken Tomos tried to punch Erin as well as grabbing her dress and pulling it, causing her to fall down the stairs, as he said his brother never should have married her.

The 29-year-old further attacked Erin's mother and two of her sisters.

Steffan Wilson (left) and Erin Mason-George (right) have barely spoken since their wedding was ruined four months ago. Image: Facebook

Now 'The Daily Mail' has reported the couple decided to "go their separate ways" following the brutal altercation.

“The marriage was all over in a day which must be some sort of record,” an anonymous friend of the family said.

They weren’t even married long enough to get a divorce, I’m told they’ve gone for an annulment.

The decision was said to have come after Steffan, 25, made the choice to go home with his brother rather than his wife, Erin, 26, following the wedding reception.

“The groom had a choice to make -- either his wife or his brother and father,” the friend continued.

“When he went back with them that was it, marriage over.”

Tomos Rhydian Wilson said his brother never should have married Erin before physically attacking her. Image; Facebook

After being taken to court by the Mason-George family, Tomos was ordered to pay compensation of $482AUD to Erin and and one of her siblings as well as $193AUD to her mother and other sister.

He was also ordered to pay the same amount to the manager of the Lampeter’s Falcondale Hotel, who he also attacked.

In addition, Tomos was made subject to a community order for 12 months and will have to undertake 240 of unpaid work as well as paying $1734AUD in further costs.



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Gone are the days of nicking a packet of soap or some tea bags.

The fight initially broke out when Tomos got angry after family tried to make Steffan go to bed because he was intoxicated.

In addition to saying Steffan and Erin should never have gotten married, he was upset that his brother was "no longer a Wilson".

It was at this point that Tomos tried to attack Erin and then assaulted her mum, Linda and her younger sister, Dion. He also grabbed Erin's other sister, Cally, by the neck leaving her with a red mark.

Following this he ruined the hotel manager's shirt and some amenities at the hotel the wedding reception was being held in.

While no lasting injuries were sustaining, the judge presiding over the trial, District Judge Gwyn Jones, said: “[The] thoughts and bad memories of what should have been a happy event will be there for some time”.

Featured image: Facebook