Margot Robbie Has A Bedroom Habit Her Husband Thinks Is 'Ridiculous'

During a guest appearance on a podcast, the actress opened up about growing up in Australia and her childhood.

Margot Robbie, 29, was chatting to Lynn Hirschberg on W Magazine's podcast 'Five Things' when she opened up about a bedroom habit that her husband and British film director, Tom Ackerley, finds 'ridiculous'.

The actress admitted she still sleeps with a stuffed toy that she's had since she was a child.

"My Bunny I've had since I was born and I still sleep with every night," Margot said.

Joking about the fact that the stuffed bunny is called Bunny, she added: "When you're zero-years-old I guess you're not that inventive with names."

Margot explained that Bunny usually travels with her but isn't particularly well looked after.

"Bunny just kind of rolls wherever, she's kind of filthy by this point," she said.

Maybe once a year when my mum comes to visit she'll give her a bath and stitch her up.

But Margot's husband Tom, 29, isn't a big fan of Bunny of the toy's placement in their bed.

"My husband always throws Bunny out of the bed because he obviously thinks it's a tad ridiculous that I still sleep with Bunny," Margot said.

Margot then joked that her husband might be a bit intimidated by the toy and how fond she is of it.

"Maybe he's a little jealous that Bunny always gets pride of place in the bed," she laughed.

Margot added that Tom will sometimes get annoyed with Bunny and will throw it on the floor.

"He thinks I'm asleep and he'll throw Bunny out of the bed and I get so cross with him and I'm like, 'don't you throw her out'," she said.



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The actress shared the snap on her Instagram but fans have since noticed a strange detail.

According to Margot, Bunny has faced a lot of near misses thanks to her two dogs, a pitbull named Belle and a rescue dog her husband picked up named Boo Radley.

"Belle our pitbull, she destroys everything. Her magnitude for destruction is quite astounding," she said.

"She almost got Bunny one time and I freaked out. She would eat Bunny in a minute. She can eat rocks, she can eat anything, she's insane."

Yet while the actress keeps the toy in her bed, she said she wouldn't take it on set with her because she be 'too embarrassed'.

"And also in case she got lost. I can't even imagine, I can't even talk about it. No, it'd be awful. No," she said.

Margot and Tom were married in December 2016 in a ceremony in Byron Bay, Australia.

Featured image: Instagram