Big Dogs Are Back: Most Popular Breeds Of 2019 Revealed

Google search data has unveiled our top 10 favourite dog breeds this year, and gone are the days of all 'oodle' everything.

The search engine has dug deep into it's data-filled pockets to extract a whole host of information about our daily web browsing habits.

Google's 2019 Year In Search indicates that Australians have been googling a number of random facts and figures.

Unsurprisingly, terms such as "Scott Morrison," 'Rugby World Cup" and "how to vote" were among the most common searches.



Battle Of The Pets: The Most Popular Dog And Cat Names Of 2019

When it comes to pet names, there are some major trends that came out of this year.

Oddly enough, quirkier phrases also pipped their way into the top of the list, like: "why is Madonna wearing an eye patch to Eurovision" or "how to pronounce psalm."

What has proven unrelenting however is the internet's collective obsession with man's best friend.

According to our browsing habits, these are the top 10 most popular dog breeds of the year, as reported by 'Business Insider'.

And it looks like our days of designer dogs and teacup pups are well behind us:

1. Golden Retriever

Ah the golden retriever, the doe-eyed, ever-loyal companion who loves everyone and everything they come in contact with. It's no surprise we love them right back.

Ask anyone who has ever owned a golden retriever -- this is a breed you could never forget. Largely because their shed fur will stick in your carpet until the end of time.

A very good girl. Image: Getty

2. Poodle

It's odd to see the word 'oodle' these days without some strange hybrid moniker whacked in front of it like 'sheepadoodle' or 'schnoodle'.

But the good old fashioned poodle is back in business, likely because the hypoallergenic breed are a popular choice for those who are allergic to fur but not allergic to love.

Absolutely fabulous. Image: Getty

3. Australian Shepherd

The local dog breed is becoming one of the most popular pets all over the world. They're known for their speckled fur and extraordinary multi-coloured eyes.

How could you resist? Image: Getty

4. Rottweiler

Once the dog of choice for security teams and Stephen King horror films, it seems the rotty has gone through some serious rebranding this year. Rottweilers are known for being gentle playmates with big hearts.

Guard dog who? Image: Getty

5. Doberman Pinscher

These stoic-looking pups are completely loyal and always alert. And they look downright fabulous in a neck scarf, quite frankly.

What a fashion-forward thing. Image: Getty

6. Cane Corso

This is one big unit. The cane corso's muscular frames contrasted with their floppy, slobbery cheeks make them more like a cuddly bear than a dog.

There's a bear in there. Image: Getty

7. Mallinois (Belgian Shepherd)

Hailing from Belgium, the mallinois is the only dog breed that comes in four varieties. They're essentially a choose your own adventure in the form of a pet.

A gentle giant. Image: Getty

8. Bernese Mountain Dog

The mountain dogs are no longer just for pulling sleds, now they're pulling heartstrings as well. Apparently they don't automatically come with a barrel of whisky around their neck, but I'm sure it can be arranged.

Get a load of that face. Image: Getty

9. Great Pyrenees

The frosty-coloured puppy looks more like something out of a toy box than a kennel, making it a big favourite with families with young children.

Not quite a lap dog. Image: Getty

10. English Cocker Spaniel

With their curly tresses and ears so long they sweep the floor, the cocker spaniel has been a consistent favourite for many years now.

What a talented young lady. Image: Getty

Featured Image: 'Marley & Me'