Guests Steal Mattresses From Five-Star Hotels The Most, Study Finds

Gone are the days of nicking a packet of soap or some tea bags.

When it comes to those of us who stay in four and five star hotels, guests are trying to steal things that are much more expensive. And oddly, much larger in size than they do smaller items, according to a new survey.

Findings from Wellness Heaven, a hotel and spa reviewer, found that one of the most common items is the hotel mattress. (Now we know the exxy ones can be incredible to sleep on, but this is taking things to the extreme).

The case study based survey saw 634 four-star hotels and 523 five-star hotels, most of which were located in Europe and Asia, quizzed on which items they saw stolen the most, WISC TV reported.



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The CEO of Wellness Heaven, Tassilo Keilmann, chatted with a number of the hotel owners when he became privy to how one would even attempt to steal an item as large as a mattress.

He was told guests are more likely to try to remove the mattress during the night when the reception desk is not maned. An incredible 49 hotels reported that mattresses had been stolen from their premises since January 2018.

"They told me that it usually happens in the night -- when the reception is not open, when there is nobody there. Some of them have security camera footage showing them transporting it to the elevator," he told CNN.

But how? Image: Getty

While Keilmann was surprised by the attempt, given the ease of being able to track down the thief, he explained that five star hotels are less likely to report theft as it tarnishes their reputation and they don't want to be associated with any criminal activity. Interesting.

The survey further found that what guests attempt to steal is directly related to the wealth of the hotel, with five star hotels also seeing televisions and coffee machines stolen.



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Four star hotels see remotes and batteries stolen the most. Though we're sure not all remotes work on all televisions... so this is also an odd one.

Towels, bathrobes and coat hangers in general are the items stolen the most, likely due to the ease of being able to conceal them.

Well, the more you know.

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