'It's Turned Ugly': Social Worker's Santa-Related Request Enrages Parents

Christmas time can present itself with all sorts of parenting dilemmas.

But a message shared by a social worker to parents is gaining momentum on social media for a consideration we hadn't thought of before.

Megan Jackson, a family court case manager, asked parents on Facebook to stop telling their children expensive gifts, like iPads, iPhones and pricey toys, are from Santa.

"I cannot stress this enough. STOP TELLING YOUR SANTA AGE KIDS THAT THEIR IPADS, AND IPHONES, AND 200 DOLLAR TOYS ARE FROM SANTA," Megan wrote in a post she first shared in 2017.

"Cause some families can't afford that. Little kids wonder why they got socks or a coat or hand me down toys from Santa and other kids got an iPad," she went on to explain.

Megan Jackson. Image: Facebook

Megan added that parents she encounters in her line of work would often tell her their children would be upset when hearing of the expensive gifts other children received.

Some would question if they weren't good enough to be given something similar or if Santa didn't like them as much as the other kids.

The message has been re-shared on Facebook by a woman named Lauren Hodgson, which is why the post is resurfacing and gaining attention from both community workers and parents yet again.

"Breaks my heart for the parents and the kids," she continued.



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Megan said she would like to see parents take credit for giving their children expensive gifts and instead, suggested telling their children the less expensive gifts under the tree were from Santa.

"Be blessed you can afford what others cannot. Merry Christmas," she concluded.

Since the time of posting, the message has received 102,000 shares and almost 60,000 reactions.

Many commenters stated they had never thought of the gift giving process in this way, thanking Megan for enlightening them.

"I hate to say it but I never even thought of it like that. I love it and agree though," wrote one.

Honestly something that I would have never thought. Thanks for opening peoples eyes to this.

However others marvelled that children were receiving such expensive gifts to begin with.

'The children who believe in Santa are normally under the age of eight. They shouldn't be getting iPads or iPhones. Stop making children grow up so fast," wrote one.

Yet some missed the point completely, stating if they have the money to afford expensive gifts for their children, it shouldn't mean they can't indulge them in expensive gifts.

"If you can’t afford a good life for your kids and you’re sad that your kid isn’t getting an iPad, don’t have kids. Simple as that. Family planning is important. If you can’t afford something don’t get it. If you can’t afford to have a good life for your kids, don’t have kids until you can," a commenter said.



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In response, Megan said her 'mind was blown' that people were so offended by her suggestion or are 'acting like I’m asking them to buy their kids nothing but a sugar cube and a deck of cards because poor kids don’t get much.'

"All I’m saying is give yourself some credit and potentially save other children’s feelings in the process. Not trying to mess your entire Christmas by saying it’s cool to be mindful. I mean Jesus.

"And the whole 'parent shoulda worked harder I ain’t making it easier on them...' man y’all really love the Christ is the reason until it doesn’t suit your agenda," she said.

"I’m helping any parent anyway I can parenting is hard as hell. Also most importantly if teaching your kids some empathy at CHRISTMAS isn’t on your to do list you're doing it wrong.

"This is literally the most simple request to possible show compassion TO A CHILD OR CHILDREN during the most giving time of the year. Bah Humbug to you a**holes," she concluded at the time.

Megan has received intense backlash despite writing her message two years ago. Image: Facebook

Given the popularity of the post, Megan said it is great to see the influence her post has had, but asked people to stop tagging her in articles due to the backlash she has received from 'Santa socialists'.

"What started out as a plea for empathy for those in need has turned into something ugly. In the past 24 hours I’ve received comments ranging from; 'Santa socialist' to people saying they hope I wreck in a car with my child and unborn child on Christmas and die. All because of a suggestion I made two years ago," Megan wrote on December 9. 

"I don’t want to see the comments anymore -- I don’t know what about the post ignites such anger and hate in people.

"I cannot understand WHY people are so hell bent on showcasing lavish gifts from a fictional character but, I cannot spend my free time rationalising their lack of humility. Thanks in advance." 

Featured image: Facebook