Chrissy Teigen Got Boob Shamed Yet Again And Handled It Like A Pro

When it comes to social media warfare, Chrissy Teigen knows her way around the trenches.

The mother of two is notorious for hilariously clapping back at nasty tweets and Instagram comments.

In one of her most recent Instagram posts, the 34-year-old was told to “cover up” in front of her daughter.

In the photo, Chrissy is pictured with her three-year-old daughter Luna while hanging out on the set of a photo shoot.

As her little "stylist" plays with her mum's top in the pic, a fair portion of Chrissy's side boob is on display. This was apparently all too much for one commenter, who wrote:  "Jesus cover up your daughter is right there."

In classic Chrissy fashion, she was quick to take down the troll with one whip-smart reply:

She sucked it for months and doesn't mind it much.

Chrissy's comment has garnered more than 80 thousand likes, and several of her 26 million followers have jumped at the chance to show their support for the working mum.

"You do realise that that breast made food for her??" replied one fan, slamming the critic. Another fan praised Chrissy, writing that it was good to see "a woman teaching her own daughter to be comfortable in her own skin."

Despite publicly criticising Chrissy, strangely enough the troll used that very photo as their own profile picture on Instagram.

"There’s no troll quite like the kind who changes their profile photo to the very picture they were trolling," Instagram account Comments By Celebs hilariously pointed out.

This is not the first time the swimsuit model has been boob-shamed online. Earlier this year she was told to get a bra after she was pictured wearing jumpsuit with a deep v-neckline.

“A bra, girl get you one!” demanded the troll.

"Allow me to save you from my titties," Chrissy quipped back.



Chrissy Teigen Claps Back After Being Shamed For Not Wearing A Bra

When Chrissy Teigen received some negative comments on her outfit choice, she didn't take it lying down.

Chrissy and her husband John Legend are well-known for their hysterical online banter. And with easy-going parents like those, it doesn't seem likely their children Luna and Miles are going to be bothered by a little bit of side boob.

Featured Image: Instagram