Heartbroken Parents Of One Born Every Minute Twin To Get $100,000 In Donations

The Hector family -- who featured on 'One Born Every Minute' -- had an initial goal of $15,000, but incredible public support has seen this number soar.

On Friday, the GoFundMe campaign set up by Bianca Hector following the death of her twin daughter, Brooklyn, hit an incredible $100,000 thanks to immense public support.

On Tuesday evening, the Hector family appeared on 'One Born Every Minute Australia' where parents Daniel and Bianca shared the arrival of their twins Brooklyn and Hunter.



Twin Baby Dies Following 'One Born Every Minute' Appearance

Bianca and Daniel were one of the couples who appeared on Tuesday night's episode of 'One Born Every Minute Australia'.

The episode saw Bianca face complications during the birth of her twins, Brooklyn and Hunter. Following Brooklyn's birth, who came out first, Hunter's position changed, leading to Bianca having an emergency c-section.

The Hector family. Image: Supplied

This was upsetting to Bianca who already has two older daughters, Mackenzie and Peyton. Mackenzie was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia just six weeks after she found out she was pregnant with the twins in February of this year.

The c-section, Bianca thought, would impede on her ability to drive Mackenzie to her many doctors appointments and she had spent a week in ICU battling sepsis when they returned home to find Brooklyn was not breathing.

Brooklyn was rushed to the hospital and pronounced dead that evening.



'I Wasn't Sure I Could Watch': Mum's Pain Reliving Birth Following Baby's Death

On Tuesday night, our hearts went out to Daniel and Bianca who shared the birth of their twins Brooklyn and Hunter on 'One Born Every Minute Australia'.

The Hector family had set up a GoFundMe to help raise funds to support Brooklyn's siblings, Mackenzie, Peyton and Hunter following their baby sister's death.

With an initial goal of $15,000 the amount of public support the family have received since Tuesday night has well exceeded their expectations with almost 3,000 individuals donating.

"We would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has seen our story and has shared the love and support with us," Bianca said on Wednesday.

"We are truly thankful and humbled by all the love and support we have been shown since our episode went to air last night."

Bianca and Daniel's baby twin daughter, Brooklyn. Image: Supplied

Bianca offered an update on her children, explaining that Mackenzie is at the end of a block of chemotherapy and they will be having a small break from treatment so her counts can recover before she undertakes the next block.

"She is doing incredibly well and we are all so proud of her," Bianca said.

The mum added Peyton is "very mischievous" at the best of times and is keeping the family on their toes.

"Hunter is doing okay," she said. "He continues to thrive each and every single day although."

But Bianca said holding Hunter has been difficult for her, as it reminds the mum constantly that his twin sister, Brooklyn, is no longer with them.

"However he is such a beautiful bubbly boy and has a great little personality already," Bianca said.

"Once again we would just like to express how truly grateful we are and immensely humbled by all the love and support throughout Australia."

You can donate to Mackenzie, Peyton and Hunter by following the link to GoFundMe.

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