Twin Baby Dies Following 'One Born Every Minute' Appearance

Bianca and Daniel were one of the couples who appeared on Tuesday night's episode of 'One Born Every Minute Australia'.

Part of the episode followed Bianca Hector's pregnancy and birth of her twins, Brooklyn and Hunter, who were born on 20 August 2019.

Daughter Brooklyn was born first, with her father Daniel cutting the cord. Yet the position of their son Hunter following Brooklyn's birth caused pregnancy complications for Bianca.

Hunter's back became transverse, which meant he was lying across Bianca's stomach, resulting in a need for an emergency c-section due to the risk of umbilical cord prolapse.



'I Wasn't Sure I Could Watch': Mum's Pain Reliving Birth Following Baby's Death

On Tuesday night, our hearts went out to Daniel and Bianca who shared the birth of their twins Brooklyn and Hunter on 'One Born Every Minute Australia'.

This was upsetting to Bianca, also the mother of daughters Mackenzie and Peyton, with Mackenzie being diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia just six weeks after she found out she was pregnant with the twins in February of this year.

"I can't afford not to be able to drive because of Mackenzie," the Sydney based mum said through tears during the episode.

Mackenzie's diagnosis has meant the family's lives have been over shadowed with numerous lumbar punctures, bone marrow biopsies, blood and platelet transfusions and chemotherapy, according to Bianca.

Bianca had concerns a c-section would make it difficult for her to care for her sick daughter. Image: Network 10

Mackenzie was further diagnosed as high risk which saw her moved to a more intensive treatment and following chemotherapy, she faced side effects such as mucositis -- a painful inflammation and ulceration of the mucous membranes lining the digestive tract.

This has seen Mackenzie spend most of the year in hospital and on antibiotics, with her mum taking her to and from her many appointments.

Yet due to the risk of a neonatal emergency, Bianca had no choice but to have an emergency c-section with Hunter, despite having concerns over the impact it would have on her ability to help Mackenzie.

"Life has thrown obstacles from every direction at us but as a family, being a team helps you through any tough period. I'm just so thankful I've got two more coming," Daniel said while Bianca was in theatre having the c-section.

Daniel being given his twin son, Hunter. Image: Network 10

Hunter was delivered safely with no signs of foetal distress and Bianca and Daniel were able to bring their twins home to their two daughters to become a family of six.

Yet at the beginning of September, Mackenzie became extremely unwell with sepsis and was admitted to ICU for a week.

"This was very trying on us as we had a one-year-old and newborn twins to care for and have found it extremely tough as we are both unable to work and have lived on one income for the year," Bianca said.

Bianca said she thought finding out Mackenzie had cancer and being taken to ICU would be the worst time she and her family had this year.

"Little did I know the worst was yet to come," Bianca said.

"On 18 November, one day before our episode was due to air after being at the hospital all day with Mackenzie, I had walked through the door and Brooklyn was not breathing."

Bianca and Daniel's baby twin daughter, Brooklyn. Image: Supplied

Daniel was on the phone with emergency services while Bianca began to administer CPR to Brooklyn.

"I worked on her until the ambulance got there to take over," she said.

"I went with Brooklyn to the hospital and they tried their best to bring my little girl back to me, from injecting adrenaline -- shocking her little tiny body -- to doing compressions."

Just after 7:00pm that evening, Bianca and Daniel's 'little angel' was pronounced dead, never to come home.

"I cannot describe the feelings or emotions we are all experiencing at the moment and am finding it hard to continue each and every day," Bianca said.

"But we have three small children who depend on us and we can’t just give up."

The Hector family. Image: Supplied

Bianca and Daniel have set up a 'Go Fund Me' with a goal of reaching $15,000 in an effort to help support their children Mackenzie, Peyton and Hunter.

"I would never normally ask for help but we are in this difficult time of our lives and reaching out," Bianca said.

"Nothing will ever bring back our little princess. Nothing will ever stop the pain we are experiencing. But we are asking for the help to try and keep things as normal as possible for Mackenzie, Peyton and Hunter."

You can donate to Mackenzie, Peyton and Hunter by following the link to Go Fund Me.

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