Air New Zealand Staff Member Has War Of Words With 'Rude' Customer

They recently took out the award for the best airline in 2020, and Air New Zealand seem to have the same high standards when it comes to manners.

It all started when a customer posted to Air New Zealand's Facebook page asking when their newly refurbished Wellington domestic Koru Club lounge would be open.

An Air New Zealand staff member responded politely with: “Kia ora (customer’s name), our team are working hard to finish our amazing lounge for customers. We hope to have more information regarding this shortly. ^ FC.”

Kia ora is a common greeting offering a warm welcome and is used throughout New Zealand. It also features is many of Air New Zealand in-flight demonstrations and their promotional material.



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However, the customer made a point of noting they did not understand what the popular phrase meant, writing in response:

“Hello FC (I’m not Māori), any likelihood it will be open by mid-December?”

The Air New Zealand worker who was conversing with the customer didn't seem pleased by this, so jokingly mocked the commenter in their response.

“We do not expect this lounge to be reopened within 2019. However, taihoa koe ka kite all the amazing improvements we have made, FC," they wrote.

Image: Facebook

But the customer didn't take the joke light-heartedly and refused to back down, reiterating that they were not Māori and requested an English translation of the reply.

"Air New Zealand I'm still not Māori. What's the English translation of that?" they wrote.

This caused another follower of the page to reply with a link to a Māori dictionary. Shortly after, another Air New Zealand page admin responded with:

“We’ve done a bit of digging for you, (customer’s name) and it looks like the lounge will be open just before Kirihimete! We can’t wait to open the doors again, then you’ll get to see all the amazing improvements we’ve made, SM," adding a Christmas emoji.



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But the passenger still didn't give up, responding:

"That would be Christmas. A festival that was not part of the Māori calendar. I'm pleased they have a (corrupted) English word for it."

The Facebook post, while quietly hilarious, has since been removed from Air New Zealand's Facebook page. But it didn't stop the post from being screen-shotted prior to being removed, now doing the rounds on social media.

Many praised Air New Zealand for politely putting the woman in her place and called out the commenter for being rude.

Air New Zealand, after the way you handled this I'm not angry about your new check in rules for domestic flights anymore and all is forgiven. Kai pai!

"Imagine if we could clap back like Air NZ," added another.

Featured image: Facebook