Teachers Name The Worst Christmas Presents They've Received From Students

As the end of year approaches, students (or at least their parents) are searching for that perfect gift.

A festive thank you for the teacher or teachers who has been educating, supporting and let’s be honest, sometimes putting up with them for the past year.  

Among the chocolates, candles, fancy soaps and hand creams, there are some presents that are remembered sometimes for the good but sometimes also for the bad... or at least for the WTF. 

Here are some of those gifts:

Lansinoh (aka nipple cream)  - Shona

In my former life I was a secondary school teacher. At the end of one year as I also farewelled my position to go on maternity leave, I was gifted Lansinoh. It's a type of nipple cream commonly used by breastfeeding mums. 

Shona Hendley. Image: Supplied

It was in a hamper with lots of other baby goods from a wonderful group of students. But it still was just a bit weird to have a group of teenagers purchase me such a personal item

Although I must say, it was incredibly useful when the time did come to breastfeed, so thanks... I guess. 

A bag of apples - Katie, primary school teacher

Katie said her younger student give her really thoughtful gifts and sometimes she receives very generous ones from parents. But she does remember the one year she was given not just one apple, but an entire bag of them. 

I wasn’t quite sure why I was being gifted a bag of apples. I thought the student must have thought I really liked them," she said. 



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"But he soon explained that his mum thought because he’d been so naughty that year, I was owed an entire orchard. A bag of apples would have to do for a start." 

Katie said it came with a card and written in it was a quote from late comedian Bing Crosby: 

"An apple for the teacher is always gonna do the trick, if you didn't study your arithmetic."

A picture of the student in love heart frame - Laura

Laura said when she tells people of the gift, it sounds a bit cute at first. But when she mentions it was from a Year Nine boy, their attitude soon changes.  

“He was such a lovely kid. But I think he also had a bit of a crush and this was his 'Love Actually'-esque announcement of his feelings. I was in shock, Laura recalled. 

Image: Getty

Although she is sure it was harmless, Laura thought it appropriate to not accept the gift. She called a parent meeting to make sure his parents were aware and any inappropriate ideas could be quashed. 

Calvin Klein underwear - Liam

High school teacher, Liam’s most WTF teacher gift was when he received a Calvin Klein underwear one year from a fashion loving male student. 

It was his last year and I was his Home Group Teacher so our whole class had a great bond and sense of community," he said.

Still, when I opened his present, it was a bit of a surprise to find a pair of CKs inside. But they were the perfect fit and he had great style.

Wine stolen from their parent’s wine rack - Steph

Steph said she was gifted a “very expensive” bottle of vino one year from a student’s parents (or at least that’s what the card read). 

Steph thought that although she had been very supportive of this particular student, the wine cost far too much money so she decided to call the parents to let them know. 

Image: Getty

It turned out the bottle was stolen from their wine rack by their son without their knowledge and gifted to her. 

A Hitler biography - Nikki

Nikki said her most interesting Christmas gift from a student was a Hitler biography. 

“I taught the student History that year and I think he gave it to me because I enjoyed history," she said. 

"So he also thought I would enjoy this particular book and not because he thought I was a Fascist, or at least I hope." 

A garden gnome - Stu

Stu said the oddest Christmas present he received was from a girl he taught who gifted him a garden gnome. 

“The gnome was an old woman gnome and I was a 25-year-old man who also happened to live in an apartment without a garden," Stu said. 

Image: Getty

"So needless to say, it wasn’t really my cup of tea. But it’s the thought that counts." 

So as you scout the shops for the perfect teacher's gift, perhaps remember these examples of what not to get.

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