The Most Popular Travel Destinations From 2020 Onward Have Been Named

With the end of the year fast approaching, many of us have travel on our minds.

And with the upcoming Cyber Friday deals about to kick off, it's going to be even harder to resist booking that overseas trip you've been lusting over.

So if you're in need of any inspo, the Travel 2020: Forecasting the new decade of travel report, one of the largest travel industry consumer reports of the year conducted by Luxury Escapes, is the perfect place to start.

They surveyed close to 20,000 Aussies and have found the top holiday hot spots for the next 10 years. Sitting at number one is Canada closely followed by the USA.

The report found Aussies spend more than $10,000 a year on international travel. Image: Getty

Longstanding favourites Italy and France also made the list as well as, the UK and Greece. Japan, while making the top 10, was further the destination that 70 per cent of travellers listed as their 'would visit again destination.

Many Aussie travellers were keen to revisit New Zealand again, being listed as the second destination travellers would like to revisit, a popular choice given the relatively short flight time from Australia.



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Clear for takeoff.

But in addition to some of the usual favourites, less popular cities are gaining momentum too according to travel expert, Sonia Pilovska.

"This is especially the case for travellers who have seen and done it all before," she said.

Places like Macedonia, Ethiopia and Sicily are quickly becoming popular for their unspoilt appeal and more solo travellers (predominantly female) are embracing exotic destinations like Morocco and India within the comfort of group touring.

You can see the full lists below:

Top ten destinations to travel to in the next decade:

1. Canada - (21 per cent)

2. USA - (19 per cent)

3. Italy - (17 per cent)

4. UK - (15 per cent)

5. Greece - (14 per cent)

6. Maldives - (14 per cent)

7. Japan - (12 per cent)

8. France - (10 per cent)

9. Thailand - (10 per cent)

10. Vietnam - (9 per cent)

Top ten destinations to revisit in the next decade:

1. Japan

2. New Zealand

3. UK

4. USA

5. Italy

6. Canada

7. Maldives

8. Cyprus

9. Israel

10. India

So if you're dealing with some itchy feet, it's seems there's never been a better time to book that long-awaited holiday.

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