'It's The Community Behind It': Baristas Reveal Why Melbourne Brews Australia's Best Coffee

With food-focused alleyways and trendy inner-city culture, Melbourne has cemented its place in the global coffee market as Australia’s best. But what makes their coffee so good?

Passion for the brew is obvious in Melbourne, where around 30 tonnes of coffee beans are imported every day.

According to Rosie Crawley, manager of Everyday Midtown on Little Collins Street, this could be the secret to Melbourne’s coffee success.

Little Collins Street is at the heart of Melbourne's coffee scene. Photo: Everyday Midtown

“There are so many different coffees come through Melbourne,” she told 10 daily.

“It’s really awesome to taste different types that are coming from different parts of the world and we’re very lucky to be able to be preparing it in a way where that’s very evident and showcased.”

Melbourne has more than 2,000 cafes and attracts some of the world’s best baristas.



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It’s this coffee culture hub that saw the barista of Gold Drops, Jimmy Wilson, dedicate his youth working with coffee.

“It’s more than the taste of coffee, it’s the whole experience and the community behind it,” he told 10 daily.

“I just think it’s really nice to go into a café and have a nice conversation every morning with the barista. It's not always about the cup of coffee, it’s just about like having a nice morning.”

Coffee became popular in Melbourne thanks to Italian migrants. Photo: Gold Drops

Coffee has been an art form in Melbourne since the now popular drink arrived with Italian immigrants after WWII.

However, Little Bean Blue barista, Michael McNeilly, believes demand for high quality is now widespread.

“I’d say it still has the best coffee in Australia just from it being set, kind of, building from here but the rest of the country’s catching up pretty quickly,” he told 10 daily.



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Although this growing awareness could help the industry advance.

“The social aspects of drinking coffee are great and there’s so much education, so much stuff we can learn in such a simple beverage.”

The three baristas share the secrets behind why Melbourne’s coffee is so good in the video at the top of this article.