#MerryChristmasJustin Goes Viral On Twitter After One Man's Sweet Request

On Saturday Justin Gigliotti shared his holiday wish and in less than 24-hours it had been seen around the world.

Posting a video to his Twitter account, Justin introduced himself and explained, "I have a disability and all I want for Christmas this year is to get millions of Christmas wishes".

"That's all I really want for Christmas this year," he continued, "by using the hashtag below #MerryChristmasJustin lets see if we can make this gift come true by Xmas!"



Mum Battling Lupus Gets Organ Donation From Her Daughter's Teacher

Tracy Shearin-Drayton, a pre-school teacher and mother from Greensboro, North Carolina, thought she'd have to wait five to eight years to get a kidney transplant.

The 23-year-old from Boston was born with a congenital heart disease and has a condition known as 22Q -- also known as VCFS, DiGeorge syndrome or 22q11.2 deletion syndrome.

The condition is caused by the deletion of a small part of the 22nd chromosome which can lead to a wide variety of symptoms ranging from person to person. Often, the condition will result in heart defects, learning difficulties, immune system deficiencies and abnormal development of the palate.

Justin's hope was to not only receive Christmas wishes from around the world but also to raise awareness for the condition which is believed to be the second-most common genetic disorder after Down's Syndrome but has much less awareness with the public.

Since posting, Justin's video message has over 1.2 million views and more than 10,000 direct responses from around the world.

The video also caught the eye of Ellen DeGeneres and her EP,

Featured image: via Twitter.