The Truth About The New Woolworths Self-Service For Trolleys

If you're a fan of self service, you will know that it comes along with one big problem.

That's overcrowding, particularly when shoppers with trolleys are trying to maneuver their way through.

This is the exact problem Woolworths is trying to fix with the introduction of a new-self service option for those of us with trolleys two of their stores, one in Sydney and the other in Melbourne.

The idea at this point is only a trial, being tested in their Gregory Hills store in Sydney and their newly opened Millers Junction in Melbourne's Altona North.

What the checkout looks like in the Melbourne store. Image: Mamma Knows West Facebook

Speaking to 10 daily, a Woolworths spokesperson said the idea came about to make it easier for those who prefer the self-service checkout.

"We're offering self-serve lanes for trolleys at our newly opened Millers Junction store to help make shopping easier and we look forward to hearing feedback from local customers on the concept," the spokesperson said.

"It's about providing another convenient option for customers and is designed to complement the manned checkouts and traditional self-serve options at the store."



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While some shoppers have criticised the trial online, suggesting it will end up replacing workers and make it more difficult for those who dislike using self-service, Woolworths clarified this would not be the case.

"We want to give our customers choice, so they can pick the checkout option that works best for the shop they’re doing on any given day," the Woolworths spokesperson said.

We're pleased the Millers Junction store will provide ongoing employment to more than 100 team members, many of whom will work at the front of store to serve our customers.

The trolley self-serve check-outs will exist alongside regular self-serve check-outs and traditional check-outs manned by staff members, giving customers more options when it comes to their grocery shopping.

The trolley-self service section appears alongside their regular self-service checkouts and the traditional checkouts attended to by a checkout assistant to give shoppers the ability to choose from more options.

Woolworths will be monitoring customer feedback throughout the trial before considering whether or not it will be rolled out to other stores.

Featured image: Mamma Knows West Facebook