Dad Of 'One Born Every Minute' Baby Dies After Long Cancer Battle

Following the sad news of Chris Stojanovski's death, family and loved ones have set-up a fundraiser to help support his wife Maya and their newborn baby daughter Ruby.

The pair were one of the couples featured on the first season of 'One Born Every Minute Australia' where they spoke about the hurdles they faced on the road to having their first child.

When Chris and Maya were on their fertility journey, they received the news that Chris had a uveal melanoma in his eye.

Speaking to one of the midwives, Maya explained that the cancer had grown too fast and Chris made the decision to have his eye removed.

After recovering from his surgery, Chris and Maya received some good news, they would be expecting the arrival of their baby, Ruby, on July 4 2019.

But just twelve months after his first diagnosis, Chris' cancer had returned, spreading to his liver.

GoFundMe Set-Up Following The Death Of 'One Born Every Minute Australia' Participant
Chris and Maya during their episode of 'One Born Every Minute Australia'. Image: Network 10.

"There was always a risk of it coming back," Chris said during the episode, "I didn't think it would come back so quickly."

"I think it definitely brought us closer as a couple," he continued, saying Maya was his rock in a difficult time.



Simple Blood Test Can Detect Deadly Eye Melanoma

While melanoma is a type of cancer that develops in the cells that produce melanin, like the pigment that gives your skin its colour, it can also develop in eyes.

Undergoing a major liver resection surgery, where 30 per cent of his liver was removed, Chris' cancer was once again at bay and he and Maya were able to celebrate the birth of Ruby, however, it not without complications.

Born with a heart condition known as Ebstein's Anomaly, baby Ruby has a rare heart defect causing an abnormal valve which may require surgical intervention in the future.

The pair had found out around the 20-week mark, giving them time to prepare. As well as naming her early -- their precious gem -- Chris and Maya knew that surgery would be a very real possibility in the future.

GoFundMe Set-Up Following The Death Of 'One Born Every Minute Australia' Participant
When Ruby was born, Chris and Maya found that she had a rare heart condition called Ebstein's Anomaly. Photo: Network 10.

Tragically, on November 15, Chris lost his battle with cancer at age 41 when Ruby was just four months old.

A memorial for friends and family was held in Wollongong on November 19.

A GoFundMe crowdfund was set-up soon after, with loved ones and supporters coming together to raise what they described as "a trust" for his daughter.

"We have set up this page as a trust for Ruby, as our way of giving back to Chris, in the only way we can now, by making sure Ruby grows up knowing how loved, respected and treasured her dad was and will always be."

Since the GoFundMe was set-up, supporters have almost tripled the initial goal of $10,000.

For more information, or if you'd like to support Maya, Ruby and the Stojanovski family you can here.