Uber Eats Users Go To Extreme Lengths For Cheap Meal With Little-Known Discount Code Hack

There's nothing quite like scoring a discount on your food delivery but these little known codes are taking savings to the next level.

Facebook users are sharing the incredible savings they have made on their food orders in the Markdown Addicts Australia group by using a combination of discount codes.

It comes after a user shared the trick, which users the codes 'PICKUP15' for a $15 discount, 'PICKUP10' for a $10 discount and 'PICKUP5' for a $5 discount or 'PICKUP30' which gives you 30 per cent off your order.

While customers can only use one code per order at a minimum spend of $10, users have been making multiple separate orders, which must be collected in store.

This is how the order codes should look when entered into the app. Image: Supplied

Yet many users have also made note of a loophole they have discovered, where the codes will still work when you select the delivery options on restaurants that offer free delivery.

"Works with existing Uber Eats users. Have tested and both pickup and delivery options work," one member said.

Among some of the best scores, one woman explained the purchased dinner for her entire family for a mere 13 cents.

A woman was able to get an entire dinner for her family for 13 cents. Image: Facebook

"This was our dinner last night. 13c... We chose a place that had free delivery at the time," she said, explaining that she saved $20 while her partner scored another $30 off their meals.

Another woman said she got two kebabs, a small chips and two cans of Coke for just $3 with a third ordering two pizzas and getting them both for free.

"I just ordered a pizza to collect in 10 minutes. Don't have to pay anything," she said, adding that her partner did the same so they got two pizzas without paying a cent.

Many users are posting their orders to the group. Image: Facebook

If you're not ready to use the codes right now, you can also enter them by clicking on the promotions tab in the app, then tapping add promo where you can store the codes for later use.

All of the codes expire on January 2020. Happy ordering.

Image: Facebook