How To Turn 20 Days Of Annual Leave Into 55 In 2020

Everyone loves a holiday and there's a way to make your leave go even further with a simple holiday hack.

Most of us get 20 days (or four weeks) of annual leave per year.

But what if you could maximise that leave to turn it into say, 50 days? Well there is a way to do just that so you have a little more uninterrupted down time.

Comparison website Finder has done some clever calendar work to find the best possible dates to take annual leave on either side of the 2020 public holidays in conjunction with where weekends fall and voila!

With some planning magic, you could find yourself with an extra week or so tacked onto that European holiday. Now that's something to get excited about.

The key dates vary from state to state, with Victoria, Western Australia and the ACT the best off, managing to snag 55 days off work with some smart planning.

In January of next year, you could score five days of leave by taking just two annual leave by requesting January 2 and January 3, the days between the New Year's Day public holiday and the weekend.

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In Western Australia, taking four annual leave days from January 28 to January 31 will get you nine days of leave in a row by maximising the Australia Day public holiday and weekends.

In New South Wales and Queensland, you could enjoy an extra long Easter break where you will get 16 days off in exchange for eight days of annual leave. That's over two weeks!

In South Australia, taking four days of annual leave from October 6 to October 9 will score you nine days off in a row thanks to the Labour Day public holiday and those precious weekends.

Across all states, taking seven days of annual leave will  turn into 16 days off, including the New Years Day public holiday in 2021. That's another sweet two weeks.

But get in quick, before one of your work colleagues works it all out before you and requests the most sought after dates before you get a chance. You're welcome.

You can see how to maximise your annual leave state by state here. 

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