Teachers Reveal The Names Of The Best And Worst Behaved Kids In 2019

UK teachers have shared the names of their students who tend to be the naughtiest and best behaved and the results are very interesting.

If you have a child named Jack or Mia, we regret to inform you that these two names top the naughty list.

But if you named them Arthur or Isla, well done, you can give yourself a pat on the back because they have taken out the nicest.

Is your child's name on either one of the lists? Image: Getty

The survey was conducted by My Nametags and Censuswide who asked 1500 teachers, parents and kids which names they found to be the naughtiest and nicest when it came to their behaviour. 

Also on the list of naughty boy names were Harry, Charlie, Oliver and George and on the list for naughty girl names was Ella, Isabella, Amelia and Sophia.

Here is the full list:

Best behaved boys:

1. Arthur

2. Noah

3. Oscar

4. Muhammad

5. Leo

Best behaved girls:

1. Isla

2. Ava

3. Grace

4. Olivia

5. Emily

Naughtiest boys:

1. Jack

2. Harry

3. Charlie

4. Oliver

5. George

Naughtiest girls:

1. Mia

2. Ella

3. Isabella

4. Amelia

5. Sophia

Featured image: Getty