'This Is Offensive': Leunig's New Cartoon Leaves Mums Furious

Michael Leunig is no stranger to controversy but his latest cartoon published in The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald on Wednesday has hit a sore spot with mothers.

The cartoon pictures a mum using Instagram on her phone while pushing a pram, being so distracted by the technology that her baby falls out and lands on the floor without her noticing.

Should there be any confusion around the meaning and connotation of the image, the words that accompany it really leave no question to be asked. They read:

Mummy was busy on Instagram

When beautiful bubby fell out of the pram

And lay on the path unseen and alone

Wishing that he was loved like a phone.

The reaction from young parents has been both swift and furious, with the image tapping into stereotypical ideas about the millennial mum.

Commentator and feminist author Clementine Ford posted her thoughts about the cartoon on Twitter, writing: “Hey Leunig, you f**king gronk. I bet you never spent hours walking babies around in a pram, feeling isolated and alone and terrified.

"F**k you and your condescending judgement,” she wrote along with a photo of the image in the newspaper.

After my bub was born, I walked him around and around for hours in the pram or the carrier trying to get him to sleep. I spent much of that time on my phone. You know why? Because I was fucking WORKING. If you saw me on my phone, I was invariably writing articles in the docs app.

Ford went on to add all the other things she might've been doing on her phone as a young mum, including connecting with other mums, looking at photos of her baby or scrolling the internet to distract her from the traumatic birth of her child.

Ford then pointed out: "But actually, none of those reasons are any of your f**king business. If a woman is on her phone and pushing a pram, it's nothing to do with you. Keep your f**king bullsh*t cartoon nonsense to yourself...".

The sentiment online has echoed the same feelings as Ford's, with another mum writing: “This is also not about parents, but about women (mummies) and is sexist AF."

“This is offensive. It’s always mothers targeted for parent shaming. It’s hard enough raising children without constant judgement - we’re all doing our best,” another added.

Many others labelled the cartoon as 'baby boomer bullsh*t', explaining it is hard enough to be a young mum without the constant judgement from strangers.

Featured image: Twitter