'A Lot Of Confusion': How Osher Günsberg's Gender Reveal Party Almost Went Wrong

Prior to welcoming their son Wolfie into the world, Osher and his wife Audrey had a gender reveal party of epic proportions.

Speaking on his new podcast 'DadPod', Osher shared some behind the scenes details of the epic party and how the big gender reveal almost went awry.

The event was hosted by his step daughter Georgia, who also organised all of the games and was holding onto the envelope from the Harmony Test, which contained the gender of her soon to be sibling.

According to Osher, Georgia was a 'vault' and would not reveal the gender to him prior to the party -- where all guests arrived dressed in the colour of the gender they thought the baby was -- with both Osher and Audrey turning up in pink.

When it came to the big reveal, Georgia opted for a board game style balloon board, where each of the guests were able to pop a balloon to reveal pink, blue or confetti and the results were tallied to reveal a winning gender.

"I think it was like five by five black balloons and within that matrix of black balloons that were blown up and stuck to this board, there were three balloons filled with the colour of the actual gender (which was blue) and two balloons had pink and everything else was empty," Osher said.

So G pulled names out of a hat and one by one people came up and popped balloons and the tension was rising.

Osher explained that first a pink balloon was popped, then a blue, then another pink, with the pink in the lead and then another blue, which made it a tie.

"Then the way the confetti exploded out of one of these, when the next balloon got hit, it puffed out some pink into the air and the room went f**king wild because we were like: 'Three! Three pinks, three pinks'," Osher explained.

I'm in a pink suit because I had to dress as a colour, Audrey is wearing pink and we're thinking this is it, here we f**king go, it's a girl, IT'S A GIRL!

But it wasn't a girl, it was in fact, it was really a boy and the only person in the room who knew it was Georgia, who Osher said was less than pleased about the game going wrong.

"Georgia, I saw her face, she was like: 'Oh, hang on a second, nah.' She just grabbed whatever sharp implement was nearest to her and she just started stabbing balloons until there was a very very obvious blue explosion," Osher said.

Osher's co-host Charlie, who was also in attendance, added there was a lot of confusion and friends of Osher's were questioning the result but all was finally clarified in the end.

"It was really fantastic, it was pretty excellent. I was really grateful we got to do it and in this day and age to have a gender reveal when baby showers have traditionally been a female only ritual," Osher said.

You can listen to Osher Günsberg and actor Charlie Clausen on their new podcast 'DadPod' available on Acast.  

Featured image: Instagram