'This Is Crap': Man Burns '$16,000 Worth Of Caramilk' And Chocolate Lovers Are Furious

It's one of the most divisive types of chocolate but Bruno Bouchet has taken his hated of the confectionery to new extremes.

While fans of Cadbury Caramilk are scrambling to get it from supermarket shelves and others are selling it for obscene amounts of money on eBay, Bruno Bouchet refused to be swept up in the frenzy.

Bruno, who is the manager of Kyle Sandilands and also runs the Instagram page The List King where he provides controversial rankings of popular food items, is not a fan of the white chocolate and caramel hybrid product.

Sharing a picture of the burnt remains of 10 blocks of Cadbury Caramilk on his Instagram page, Bruno wrote: "I burned $16,000 worth of Caramilk chocolate because no human deserves the pain of eating it."

"I burned the 16 blocks of Caramilk because I wanted to take this horrific product off our streets," Bruno told 10 daily. "If I can save one person from having the disgusting experience I had, then I’ll die a happy man."

Bruno explained what makes Caramilk particularly terrible is "the lack of flavour and it’s plastic-like texture."

"Where’s that love, passion [and effort that Cadbury put into the Marvellous Creations range?" he asked.

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Fans of Caramilk have taken to Bruno's social media in force, many asking how he came up with a $16,000 worth of value for his 10 blocks of Caramilk.

When asked how he came up with the number, Bruno told 10 daily: "I read that resellers had were charging up to $1,000 a block so I basically just multiplied that by the 16 blocks I had."

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Bruno has no regrets. Image: Instagram[/caption]

Rubbing salt in the already sore Caramilk would, Bruno said: "Caramilk lovers are simply sheep who are led to believe they love the product, when in actual fact they’re falling for the oldest marketing trick in the book: ‘limited edition.’"

"I’m sure there’ll be plenty of outrage, but it’s important to know I did this to protect people’s taste buds. You may be angry with me, but know that my motivations were good and honourable."

Featured image: Instagram