The Post That UFC Fighter Mackenzie Dern Says Lost Her 20,000 Instagram Followers

It February, Mackenzie shared a happy announcement on her page but she said also immediately following it her fans began to hit unfollow.

The 26-year-old UFC fighter says that post was her pregnancy announcement.

“God makes everything so perfect! I am so happy to be able to share this news! I’m going to be a Mom!” Dern wrote at the time.

“I love so much our family and now I have one more HUGE motivation for inside and outside the ring!! Thank you God for this blessing. I also want to thank all my fans and sponsors for the support during all the life phases and I can’t wait to be back in the ring!”

Yet speaking to ESPN, Mackenzie said her pregnancy news clearly wasn't the content a select group of her fans followed her for, causing a drastic decline in her audience.

“I lost 20,000 fans when I said I was pregnant and posted the first picture of my husband,” she said.

Following the birth of her first child, a daughter named Moa, Mackenzie is making her return to the sport on Sunday.

She believes her new found motherhood combined with her popularity as a sportsperson will see a new group of supportive followers coming to her page.

“I have different fans … after Moa was born I gained 20,000 back,” she said.

“Maybe it’s a new kind of public, I have more mums following and people inspired by the story.”

Mackenzie hasn't let the drop in her following impact what she posts on her page either, in fact, quite the contrary, often posting sweet snaps and videos of herself with Moa alongside her fighting photos.

In her return, Mackenzie will be fighting Amanda Ribas in Tampa, Florida, adding that the UFC had to be convinced of her return so soon after giving birth.

“Of course, the first couple of weeks, (I was) trying to punch and everything was slow and wiggling around,” she said.

My body wasn’t toned and everything. But it was the same as when I came back from knee surgery. I felt kind of like the same when I had my ACL surgery; it was four months, too, that I came back competing.

Despite dealing with the changes in her body, Mackenzie said the hardest part was getting the UFC to let her fight.

“They were like, ‘No, it’s too soon. You can get injured’. But I was like, ‘C’mon, guys, I can do it’," she told ESPN.

Featured image: Instagram