'She Was Admitted To NICU': 'The Bachelor' Star Simone Gives Birth To Her First Child

Simone and boyfriend Matt Thorne have welcomed a baby daughter.

Simone -- who appeared on Matty J's season of 'The Bachelor' -- announced the beautiful news on Instagram on Thursday.

The 27-year-old shared several photos with her newborn, named Gracie-Mae and gave an update on how she is doing following her birth.

"Welcome to the world Gracie-Mae Kathleen Thorne," she wrote, noting that the middle name was given to her after her grandmother. "More beautiful than we could have ever imagined."

Simone explained that there were some complications with her daughter's breathing which saw her admitted to NICU (neo-natal intensive care unit).

"She is being looked after but is doing so well and will hopefully be home with us in a couple of days," she wrote. "We could not have asked for a more stronger, amazing baby girl we are so in love."

Simone has been sharing several updates throughout her pregnancy and posted a photo from her hospital bed, indicating that she was in labour and her baby was "on her way".

In May, Simone, who also appeared on Bachelor In Paradise, opened up about her pregnancy weight gain and said she was having difficulty in "appreciating my new body".

"Been gaining some major KILOOOSSSS," she said, adding that she was "excited about seeing my baby bump grow and feeling the kicks makes it all worth it and it makes it so real!"

"Hopefully soon I will start appreciating my new body and learn to love all of the changes," she wrote.

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Prior to this, Simone dealt with severe morning sickness which she said made it difficult for her to get out of bed.

"I've been a bit MIA [missing in action]. I haven't been to the gym in four weeks. My sickness has been so bad. Like, really bad. It's been horrible..." she said.

"At first I had a lot of pains and things like that, which are quite worrying, obviously it's all good. But my sickness just took over my life, really.  I thought it would go by now. It went for a couple of weeks, but it's come back."

Simone said she was having issues keeping food down and was living on a diet of cereal, pasta, bread, ice lollies, juice and Hydralyte.

Yet with all of that behind her, Simone can now lap up life as a new mum to a beautiful baby girl.

Featured image: Instagram