"It's Hard Work': Nikki Webster Shares The Hardest Part Of Becoming A Parent

Nikki Webster grew up in front of our eyes but now at 32-years-old, she has two young children of her own.

And becoming a parent to daughter, Skylah, and son, Malachi, as well as running her own dance school hasn't been without its challenges.

"It's hard work, it's a full time job doing both," Nikki said of being a parent as well as running Dance @ Nikki Webster. "I guess the best thing is I'm in a environment where I can bring my kids to work."

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Nikki said both of her children love to sing and dance and often take classes at her dance school.

"Everybody talks to me about them and loves them and support them just as much as me," she told 10 daily. "They love what I do and where I work is their second home."

Nikki said the ease with which her children fit in with her work has been a blessing and that she loves getting to share what she does for a living with them.

"They're there with me all the time. So that's kind of how I manage it and I have great family support," she said. "My parents are incredible and my brother supports me and help me through everything."

So that's pretty much the only way I could do it, is with that family support.

Nikki said while she loves being a mum, the most unexpected thing about becoming a parent is just that, it's unexpected.

"I think every journey in their life is so unexpected, their personalities and the way they develop," she said.

Nikki was also surprised that her daughter Skylah in particular, is almost a clone of her, both in looks and personality.

"The fact that my daughter looks so much like me, and the fact that her personality is very similar to me, I'm like, you can't make that happen," she said. "It's just in their genetic makeup."

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Nikki said the most fulfilling part of becoming a mum has been to watch her kids develop and grow.

"I just try to be there for their struggles and for the good days," she said. "I just want to be really present mum and help them fulfill their dreams as I was lucky enough to do mine."


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