Nikki Webster On Whether She'll Let Her Son And Daughter Become Child Stars

Nikki Webster first rose to fame when she appeared on our televisions during the opening ceremony of the Olympics in 2000.

At the age of 13, it propelled her into a career in the entertainment industry and lead to her recording her popular song Strawberry Kisses as well as travelling the world.

Speaking to 10 daily, following her appearance on 'The Masked Singer', Nikki said finding fame at such a young age had both its positives and negatives.

"Everything I ever dreamed of I was able to be achieved at a very young age," she said. "There were things that I couldn't even believe I did, like creating a girls' clothing range. All of my dreams kind of came true."

On reflection, Nikki, now 32, said one of the hardest things about being a child star was people thinking they knew her when they really didn't. "Going through life and puberty on a public scale is always hard," she added.

"But I was pretty lucky that I I loved everything that I was able to do and I don't regret the choices I made growing up, that's for sure."

Nikki eventually opened up her own dance studio called Dance @ Nikki Webster which has been hugely successful and has grown to three Sydney-based studios.

Now a mum to daughter, Skylah, and son, Malachi, Nikki told 10 daily she can already see that her two children have singing and dancing talent.

"They both love music and they love performing," Nikki said. "My daughter dances all day at my studios and on a Saturday and absolutely loves it."

My son has started classes and is incredibly talented for his age, he's got a lot of movement and he seems like he can hold a tune.

But it terms of whether or not she would like to see either one of her children follow in her footsteps, Nikki said she is not sure.

"To be honest, I really don't know. Whatever they want to do, I'm happy to support them," she told 10 daily. "I think they will both have a love for this industry, whatever it may be in any sense."

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"I think they'll love music and they'll love performing. Whether it be the path I took, I'm not sure. I won't push them but if they do decide they want to, my family and I will support it."


Featured image: Instagram