The Important Issue We're Missing In The Veronicas And Qantas Saga

Disclaimer: I wasn’t on that plane with those twins, so I have no idea how the incident really transpired.

I have no answers or inside information. I also don’t know if it was a publicity stunt for their upcoming TV show 'Jess & Lisa: The Veronicas' which will premiere in November.

Essentially, I am pretty useless when it comes to the whole 'Veronicas getting kicked off the Qantas plane' debacle, period. But regardless, I, like many other people who weren’t there, seem to have an opinion about it.

Mine, as unpopular as it might be, is that I totally sympathise with Lisa and Jessica Origliasso. I too am a fellow shorty and let me tell you, those overhead compartments are not made for us.

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In fact, as this Australian duo would say (or sing) this part of getting on a plane and arguably the cause of this whole ‘cruel’ situation often remains ‘untouched’ by many a plane traveller under 5’5.

That is unless unless there is jumping, climbing, throwing or teetering on tip toes to get your luggage up there.

It is awkward, sometimes a tad dangerous -- as I recall trying to throw the maximum allowed weighted suitcase above my head and the heads of others -- and really, getting your carry-on items up there is just pot luck.

Image: Network 10

Now fortunately for me when my 5’3 self flies, it is usually accompanied by my 6”4 husband.  So my method of getting my bag in the overhead compartment is, well, it’s him.

But poor 5”1 Lisa, was travelling with her identical twin sister, Jess who is also, yes, 5”1 (in other words, no help) so I say well done Lisa for getting the bag up there at all, even if it wasn’t in the correct way.

While I cannot comment on what occurred after this, I can say that the more important issue brought to attention (finally, I say) is the total unfairness of being a short person traveller.

Although the overhead baggage compartment might be the hot topic here, let me tell you this isn’t the only hardship that Jess, Lisa and I face while flying. It is only the beginning.

You see, plane travel as a short person is also extremely disadvantageous while seated. From the outside you may think that being a short person would allow you more room and yes, to a degree, you are correct. You do have more room.

That is until that person seated in front of you looks to see who is behind them and once they determine it is a.) a child or b.) a small person, they decide reclining their seat all the way back is totally okay and not at all annoying for said person.

For the record: It is. It is very annoying.

Shona and her husband. Images: Supplied

Then the person next to you believes your arm rest is their arm rest because your arm is so small that it doesn’t need to rest, it can just flop down by your side the entire flight.

So as Jess, Lisa and I shrink into ourselves so don't touch the arm belonging to the person next to us or kicking the seat in front, please let it be known it is not comfortable. Not at all.

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But the short person travel perils don’t end there because as we are already in our ultra-comfy position (insert sarcasm) and decide to put our head back on the head rest,  we can’t because yes, we are too short!

The seats aren’t made for short people just like every other part of the plane. Let's also not forget the headrest doesn't support our neck, it pushes our heads out at an unnatural angle making our flight even more uncomfortable.

With all this considered, you can start to understand why a short person might get annoyed when being asked to maneuver their bag in a compartment they can’t reach.

Featured image: Network 10/Supplied