'I Was Brainwashed': Abbie Explains Her Resurfaced Comments About Monogamy Being 'Toxic'

While Abbie appeared on the show, a comment she made on social over three years ago resurfaced and was used against her.

Being without a doubt the most divisive character of the season, many felt Abbie was being sinister about her intentions on 'The Bachelor'.

A number of contestants even went to the extreme of 'warning' Matt about Abbie, such as Sogand and later Elly.

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They told Matt she was only there to gain Instagram followers and Abbie had talked about wanting to appear on 'Bachelor In Paradise' after the show, with the women suggesting she wasn't there for Matt or to find love.

It was this portrayal that made people keen to 'catch Abbie out' or to suggest she wasn't being genuine about her intentions on 'The Bachelor' when she said she was looking for a long and lasting relationship.

It lead to a comment she made years ago on Facebook being resurfaced and used as ammunition against her. As 'proof' that Abbie wasn't being her true self. The comment that Abbie wrote was:

I'm all for open relationships tbh [to be honest] and I think monogamy is toxic so cheating doesn't make me feel 'sick'.

Speaking to 10 daily, Abbie clarified the comment and explained why she shared the view on Facebook about three and a half years ago.

"At the time I was in an emotionally abusive relationship," Abbie, who would've been 19-years-old at the time, said.  "I actually told Matt about this, but I guess my conversation wasn't appropriate for that time-slot."

The comments Abbie made about monogamy. Image: Facebook

Abbie said that her boyfriend at the time was technically cheating on her but made her believe that it was okay, playing mind games with her throughout the time they were together.

"So I was in a relationship at that time where my boyfriend kind of convinced me that it was okay for him to sleep with other people," she said. "I was, to be honest, I was probably brainwashed."

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Abbie explained she still holds the belief that there's nothing wrong with being in an open relationship, but only when both parties are willing and consenting.

"I still don't think there's anything wrong with open relationships," she told 10 daily. "But saying monogamy is toxic, probably was a bit of an extremist thing that I was kind of projecting my own shitty relationship on to that."

In response to comments about her wanting to go on 'Bachelor In Paradise', Abbie said she doesn't think she would do that after her time on 'The Bachelor'.

"I honestly don't think so. I don't know. It's hard to say," she told 10 daily. "I don't think I'm really ready for that with the way the public's reacted to me."

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Featured image: Network 10