Abbie Had One Word To Say About Sogand Since 'The Bachelor' Ended

To say Abbie and Sogand had a tumultuous relationship during their time on 'The Bachelor' would be an understatement.

Sogand was one of a number of contestants who tried to 'warn' Matt Agnew about Abbie's intentions for being on the show, suggesting she may not have been as authentic as what she was coming across during their time together.

It eventually led to Sogand being sent home, with her regretting how much time she invested in the drama going on with Abbie, instead of putting her energy into her relationship with Matt.

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Yet sadly with the season now wrapped and all the drama (hopefully) finished, the two have still not been able to reconcile their differences.

When 10 daily asked Abbie if she had spoken to Sogand since filming on 'The Bachelor' wrapped, she responded with a blunt: "No."

Abbie and Sogand during an argument at one of the cocktail parties. Image: Network 10

Abbie said she still speaks to a number of the other contestants, including Vakoo, Helena and winner, Chelsie.

"I talk to Emma quite a bit. You know, I've spoken to Elly a bit as well. Yeah, quite a few of the girls," she said.

Nichole texted me every so often. So yeah, there are some really good girls in that bunch.

While the only woman on the show to go home with a partner was Chelsie, many of the other contestants formed strong friendships that will likely live on well after the season has ended.

Chelsie said she is friends with all of the women who appeared on the season. "It's easy to catch up with the girls that are living in Melbourne," she told 10 daily.

"But I still speak to quite a few of them and they messaged me just to check in and everything so yeah, I'm pretty good friends with them."

Helena said that she and Chelsie, two of the final three contestants, formed a very close relationship during their time in the mansion.

"I talked to Chelsie probably every day. I'm very close with her. And we have regular calls," she told 10 daily. "It tested me for a little bit [not seeing Chelsie after she left] but I'll definitely see her when I'm in town."

Helena added that she talks to the other women "every now and then". "I'd say every couple of days, I'll chat to a couple of the girls," she said.

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Elly explained that she is also particularly close to Kristen and Emma, with the three of them positing photos on Instagram together after they had each left the mansion.

"Emma was literally my rock through the show and afterwards. I could trust anything I said to Emma and know it wouldn't go anywhere. That was the same in reverse," Elly told 10 daily.

"I can't speak more highly of her [Emma] she's wonderful. She seems like such a sweetheart and she is."

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Featured image: Network 10