'Gossipy And Drama-Filled': Helena Kept A Diary While Inside 'The Bachelor' Mansion

As a health and wellness coach, Helena had a lot of tools she used while in the mansion to look after herself.

Speaking to 10 daily, the 25-year-old said she made a conscious effort to maintain her health while she was in the pressure cooker situation of 'The Bachelor'.

"I think look for the majority of it -- obviously, until the end -- I stayed really grounded. I made a real effort to look after myself," she said.

"To me, if I look after my body, then my mind kind of follows through and it goes both ways. So I really made sure to be eating well and taking time out to meditate."

Helena said taking these steps to look after herself had a big impact on managing her mental health right up until she got to the final three.

"That had a huge impact on me because all the girls were like, 'You're so calm throughout this whole thing.' I don't think I was doing as much of that by the end, maybe that's why I feel apart!" she explained.

Other tools Helena used to keep herself grounded were keeping a diary as well as removing herself from any situations she thought were not good for her mental health.

"I used to keep a diary and I used to write in that every day, I made a real effort to write in that," she told 10 daily.

Then I was taking time out, like if the conversations were getting too like gossipy or you know, drama-filled, I think I'd kind of walk away from them [the women] if I felt it was impacting me negatively.

While Helena was often deemed as 'putting up a wall' and not being open enough with Matt, she believes her behaviour is usually quite the opposite.

"I'm actually quite an open book with my feelings when I'm into someone. But I guess it is quite hard being vulnerable when you are competing against people," she said.

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Helena said it's easy for people to say 'this is what you signed up for, but when you get to the reality of it, it's so much harder than you'd expect.

"It's hard to not just like close up and it's very hard to be vulnerable, especially when the whole nation is are going to be watching and judging you," she said.

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