'We Talk Every Day': 'The Bachelor' Finalist Helena Has Remained Closest Friends With

Being on 'The Bachelor' is a truly unique experience, which is why so many of the women end up bonding long after they've left the show.

With us being only hours from the finale, there has been a constant image spread across the social media accounts of 'The Bachelor' contestants who have left the show up until this point.

That is, images huddled together of a number of the women with their fellow contestants, often expressing the strong friendships that were formed during their time in the mansion, with many travelling interstate to visit each other.

And the timing is no coincidence. Most of the women usually wait until they have left the show to do so, avoiding spoiling the outcome with many often assuming that those who are friends with the other contestants haven't made it to the finale show.

Speaking to 10 daily after leaving the mansion, Helena said this was the same experience for her and that she and Chelsie developed a particularly close bond while they were both in competition for Bachelor Matt Agnew's heart.

"I talked to Chelsie probably every day. I'm very close with her. And we have regular calls," she said.

"It tested me for a little bit [not seeing Chelsie after she left] but I'll definitely see her when I'm in town."

The health and wellness coach added that she talks to the other women "every now and then". "I'd say every couple of days, I'll chat to a couple of the girls," she said.

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Helena explained she is also very close to Briana, both being Perth based and that they are "very close".

"I'm actually very close to Bree. And she lives in Perth. I see her often. So probably Chelsie and Bree the two people that I'm very, very close with," she said.

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