Carrie Bickmore Looked Down And Realised She'd Lost Her Order Of Australia Medal

During a celebration with her family right after receiving her medal, Carrie's mum pointed out it was no longer pinned to her dress.

Carrie, 38, told radio co-host Tommy Little about the panic she went into following the nightmare scenario, having only received her Order Of Australia to lose it just as quickly.

“I got one where they give you a little pin that clips on to your top, and I was wearing mine very proudly,” she said.

“My mum and dad had come and Oli had come out of school and Chris was there, and we thought ‘Why don’t we go and get a coffee together afterwards?’”

Carrie receiving her Order Of Australia medal. Image: Getty

At this point her mum chimes in to ask 'The Project' host why her medal is no longer pinned to her dress.

“About five minutes before we left at the end of the coffee my mum said 'Did you take your medal off?' and I said 'No' and looked down and I had lost my medal,” she explained.

“I hadn’t had it for an hour and I lost it already!”

Carrie Bickmore with her parents after receiving her medal. Image: Instagram

The mum-of-three said her entire family began looking under the chairs of the cafe and at one point, "I was bending down in the gutter".

"We had to drive all the way back to Government House where we got it where we were looking under all the cars. Then a lady comes out and says 'are you looking for this?'"

"I said yes and she said ‘I was hoping it was important enough for you to come back and get it!’”

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Carrie found the ordeal funny in hindsight but said the situation was particularly embarrassing for her at the time.

“She’s probably thinking I don’t care and I’ve driven off without it. It was found in the carpark, it must have popped off.”

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Carrie said the loss of her medal was "an emotional rollercoaster" and after the scare, she has decided she "won't be wearing it around anymore."

Following the on air chat, she posted about the experience on her Instagram account, adding that when she found the medal again she had "never been so relieved" and that is was "going straight to the poolroom".

Carrie was one of 993 recipients who were awarded an Order Of Australia in June for her service to media and her dedication to raising awareness for brain cancer.

It came after the three-time Logie winner brought national attention to brain cancer through her foundation, Carries Beanies 4 Brain Cancer, and famously wore a blue beanie as she gave a heartfelt speech for her 2015 Gold Logie win.

Featured image: Instagram