'I Was Really Worried': Pia Miranda Didn't Want Her Kids To Visit Her During 'Survivor'

After 50 days separated from her family, the actress missed her husband and two children desperately.

But Pia Miranda, 46, admits she had reservations about her children Lily and James coming to see her during the 'Survivor' finale. So much so that initially, she said she didn't want them visiting her for an on-air reunion.

“They let you know your family’s close to coming, and I was really worried about my kids being upset," she told Kyle and Jackie O.

"I’d been out there for so long and I was super nervous about my son being upset seeing me, and then when they take him away (for me) to do the challenge, he would not be able to be ripped out of my arms."

Pia hugging her husband Luke. Image: Network 10

Pia said it was for this reason she was 'apprehensive' about them coming with her husband Luke but that eventually, she was talked into it.

"They said, ‘You don’t want to miss the opportunity to see your family, and your family’s so keen to come.’”

Plus, there was a really bad flight to get over to that little island, and I think a big part of my apprehension was that I didn’t want my kids to get on that plane.

Yet when they were there, Pia was ecstatic to see them, asking her son: "What happened to you? You're so big" marveling at his growth spurt as her husband Luke began to cry at the sight of his wife.

Pia and Luke kissed and hugged as he said, "I love you so much" and Pia responded with "I'm so glad you came."

Pia and Luke's children James and Lily. Image: Network 10

When asked by host Jonathan LaPaglia whether he thought Pia would make it this far, Luke said, "Honestly I did, I kind of did" as he struggled to talk through his tears.

Luke crying while he speaks about Pia. Image: Network 10

"I just think she's incredible and I know what she's capable of. I think it's in her nature to maybe resist, changes like this," he continued. "But once she puts her mind to things she's unstoppable and it doesn't really surprise me to see her now to be honest."

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Pia said her time away from her family made her appreciate them more than she ever has and that she won't take any of the mundane moments of family life for granted.

"I couldn't love them anymore but I appreciate them on such a deep level now. No part of my life will I take for-granted," she said.

Silly things like making lunches or having to get the kids ready for school, sometimes you don't think about how lucky you are and every single moment that I get to spend with Luke and these kids.

"Now I'm going to appreciate it on such a higher level."

Pia went on to take out the title of 'sole Survivor' after every member of the jury voted for her to win, entitling her to the $500,000 prize money, which she said was worth the time away from her family.

Featured image: Network 10