The Reason 'Bachelor' Stars Elly, Kristen And Emma Just Started Posting Photos Together

While not all of the women leave the mansion with a man, many leave with friendships that last long after the cameras stop rolling.

Speaking to 10 daily, Elly said that for her, that support has largely been fellow contestants Emma and Kristen, both during the show and after they left.

Elly said that developing a friendship with Emma, she thought, was quite strange for her given how different the pair are when she compared herself to the fashion brand manager.

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"Emma's into Vogue and fashion. She's a fancy lady and I'm just not really good like that," Elly said. "I'm this country chick so we are opposite in so many ways."

"But she was literally my rock through the show and afterwards. I could trust anything I said to Emma and know it wouldn't go anywhere. That was the same in reverse."

The nurse said the reason she struck up a friendship with Emma is because she gave her 'good support and advice' while they appeared on 'The Bachelor' together.

"I can't speak more highly of her [Emma] she's wonderful. She seems like such a sweetheart and she is," she said.

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Elly added that she still keeps in touch with a number of the other women who have left the mansion but noted that she is also particularly close with Kristen.

"I still see the girls out of the mansion and I'm still friends with the rest of the girls like Kristen and all that," she told 10 daily.

Elly said they have been watching 'The Bachelor' together over wine and cheese and that Kristen has been visiting her in Newcastle, most recently for her birthday.

"A few of us are getting together and having some drinks and just hanging out which will be lovely, a little bit of a reunion," Elly said. "It'll be nice to have the girls in town because we have such a close bond."

It's common for 'The Bachelor' contestants to refrain from posting photos together while the show is airing so as not to spoil the ending, with many often speculating that the women who leave become close friends.

Following their departure from the show, there's no need for Elly, Kristen and Emma to hide their newly found friendships any longer.

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