'Get In The Bin': Woolies' Shopper's Furious Reaction To Coriander Seedling

It's one of the most divisive herbs you will come across and one Woolies shopper was left very unhappy after discovering he'd been given the seedling.

Discovery Garden recently launched in Woolworths, following on from their hugely successful Lion King themed Ooshies promotion.

And while many have welcomed the 'sustainable' version of Ooshies in the form of seedlings you can collect for every $40 spent in store, one shopper named Jaison was... not.

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Posting to the Woolworth's Facebook page, Jaison shared his disgust over receiving a coriander seedling with his shopping.

"Guess what's in the bin... I hate coriander" and added the hashtags 'get in the bin', 'in the bin you go' and 'not even once'.

Jaison was not impressed. Image: Facebook

"Woolworths, great promo for seedlings instead of plastics, but get rid of this junk please," he added with a laughing emoji.

Obviously not a lover of coriander, Jaison along with his message shared a photo of his middle finger being motioned in the direction of the coriander seedling.

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A number of fellow Woolies shoppers agreed with Jaison and his view of the polarising herb, commonly used in Asian cooking.

"Seed of the devil," wrote one.

"That vile stuff will never have a place in my garden," added another.

"Imagine the swap days. There would only be coriander to swap," joked a third.

Discovery Garden recently launched in Woolworths. Image: Woolworths

But many took the opportunity to express how much they like coriander in their food.

"What a pity... such a beautiful herb! The scent of it, drifting through our favourite dumpling shop. Wow! Have you tried a finely chopped pinch in scrambled egg? BLISS! Love it on my kitchen window sill," wrote one.

"Coriander is fabulous especially in the right food with the right wine," added another.

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And even Woolworths themselves weighed in on the great coriander debate:


Jaison was quick to respond with: "Hahaha well played. Coriander can still get in the bin... but the Dill, Onion, basil, parsley and chamomile are all warmly welcomed!"

Well, that escalated quickly.

Featured image: Facebook