'It's Their Birthday Soon': 'The Bachelor' Star Elly On Having Breast Augmentation Surgery

On this season of 'The Bachelor' there has been a significant amount of speculation around the cosmetic procedures the women have undertaken before their time on the show.

Yet speaking to 10 daily, a number of the contestants have been open about altering their appearance, expressing that there is no shame in doing so and that for them, it's been a personal preference.

Rachael most recently spoke about having lip fillers prior to entering 'The Bachelor' mansion and Sogand has admitted to lip and cheek fillers once a year, despite not having more injections immediately before appearing on the show.

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On Wednesday night, fan favourite Elly became the most recent contestant to make her exit, telling Studio 10 on Thursday morning that she wasn't in love with Matt and that at the end of the day, they were just too different.

"I wasn't in love with Matt, I think I was on my way. I think if I'd welcomed him into my life and introduced him to my family it could've been pretty sad then if I got booted," she told the panel.

At the time I really thought yes [she could be with Matt] because I did have such strong feelings for him. He's not normally someone I would've gone for outside of 'The Bachelor'. I like a country boy I like someone that's humorous and adventurous.

Speaking to 10 daily, Elly -- who has been dubbed the down to earth country girl on the show -- explained that she had previously made the choice to have breast augmentation surgery which she undertook almost a year ago.

"Yeah I did it [breast augmentation] to the day on the 13th of September. It's the girls' birthday soon," she joked.

Elly before her surgery (left) and during her time on 'The Bachelor' (right). Images: Instagram and Network 10

Elly explained that there is no shame in having cosmetic procedures or surgery and that if it's something you would like to do then she thinks you should "go for it".

"I believe if you've lost your self esteem and you're going to do something that is going to make you happy and feel better about yourself, then definitely do it," she said before adding, "I'm more confident since having it done."

Following her departure from 'The Bachelor', Elly went on and European holiday which took her mind off her departure from the show.

"It [the holiday] was amazing. I've never had so much fun in my life. I loved being amongst new cultures on the other side of the world and seeing how things are done there," she told 10 daily.

And her trip wasn't without some overseas flings, sharing that she had a few hookups while she was there post-Matt.

"I had a couple of flings but they were Australian so you know. I ended up kissing one or two Aussie blokes and that's it," she said.

At this point in the season, Elly said she thought Matt might choose Helena or Chelsie, yet now she has changed her mind and believes it could be Abbie.

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"I was sort of thinking Helena or Chelsie but maybe not. Looking back now and knowing what I know about Abbie, I do actually think they have a real connection," she said.

Elly added that Chelsie and Matt are "basically the same person" and she could imagine their future children doing science experiments around a kitchen bench. Yet his connection with Abbie is undeniable.

"I think think he could end up with Abbie because they have a really strong connection. Maybe he has the best of both worlds: love and lust," she said.

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