'It Didn’t Work Out': 'The Bachelor' Star Kristen On Her Travel Plans Falling Apart

Kristen's love of China was clear during her time in the mansion but living abroad isn't always easy, as the 24-year-old found out.

Speaking to 10 daily, Kristen said the hardest part of living in China in an understandable one.

Despite ditching social media when she got there in an attempt to have a truly authentic travel experience, she did find not knowing anyone around her difficult.

"The hardest part was when I first got there, I didn't know anybody. I had to contend with this huge language barrier," she said.

Aside from this, all the plans Kristen made for her stay in the country didn't work out the way she had hoped either.

Everything I had planned when I first got there didn’t work out. I had to be thinking on my feet, work out all these processes, trying to have a roof over my head while also dealing with it all in another language.

Kristen said she had to deal with these challenges all on her own but believed the biggest opportunities came when she put herself in difficult situations.

"You learn so much from them and it allows you to just be prepared for what’s to come. The hardest thing was first landing there. I hit the ground having to run," Kristen told 10 daily.

In an attempt to make herself feel more comfortable and grounded on her travels, Kristen said she made an effort to make friends at the university she was attending while there.

"I started off as a language student, so I made friends all around the world and I made really special friends with Chinese people from the moment I started two years ago," she said.

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While attempting to make new friends when you are an adult can be difficult -- even confronting, for some -- Kristen said she had a trick for sparking up conversations with strangers.

"You make friends by putting yourself out there and being a part of group activities. Really, it’s so easy to make friends! Even just eating lunch outside I would often sit next to people and start chatting -- I'd be improving my Mandarin and they’d want to improve their English," she explained.

Kristen tried to stay in touch with family and friends at home as much as she could, yet issues with technology made this difficult for her.

"There’s popular Chinese apps like We Chat that I'd use to connect with friends and family. But to be honest, a lot of friends found it really difficult operating these Chinese apps. So I didn't have much contact with my close friends," Kristen told 10 daily.

When Kristen returned home and decided to enter the Bachelor mansion, she had the perfect excuse for where she was during filming.

"While we were filming, we’re not allowed to let anyone to know where we are. So I just told my friends I was in China and they just accepted that straight away and wouldn’t try to contact me," Kristen said.

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"One of my best friends at the end was like, 'Should I call the police?' But other than that, everyone thought I was in China!"

Well played Kristen, well played.

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