Woolies Shoppers Think This Is The List Of All 24 Discovery Garden Collectables

Hot on the heels of the Ooshies craze, collectors are preparing for Woolworths' next big giveaway.

After the wild popularity of the plastic Lion King figurines, the supermarket giant has announced that it'll be handing out seedling kits under the name Discovery Garden.

And just as there was a mad flurry to collect different types of Simbas, Mufasas and Rafikis, shoppers are already eager to find out what types of seedlings they'll be collecting.

Photo: Woolworths Little Garden/Discovery Garden Facebook group.

Karley Acworth is the admin of the Woolworths Little Garden/Discovery Garden Facebook group and told 10 daily she discovered the list of seeds by searching Woolworths linked sites.

Drumroll, please! Here are the seeds Acworth says will be featured in the Discovery Garden catalogue:

Thyme, basil, coriander, oregano, chives, dill, rocket, chamomile, parsley, kale, cress, onion, lettuce, beetroot, carrots, radish, tomato, cabbage, spinach, bok choi, pansy, viola, dianthus and snapdragons.

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So while the seeds won't be in store until Wednesday, September 11, you can't start mapping out a plot in your garden or windowsill to prepare for all the carrots you'll be about to grow.

fox tv dancing GIF by Bob's Burgers

We're not too sure if any of the above-mentioned seedlings will be considered ~rare~ like the coveted furry Simba was during the Ooshies craze, but it can only be a good thing if kids are swapping rare dianthus (a vibrant pink flowering plant) or getting excited about growing spinach.

Shoppers will reportedly be given one seedling kit complete with biodegradable pot with every $40 spent on their shopping bill.

A Woolworths spokesperson told 10 daily that they were unable to confirm the Discovery Garden catalogue items until its launch next week.

Main Photo: Karley Acworth/Woolworths Little Garden/Discovery Garden Facebook group