'The Bachelor' Matt Agnew Reveals His Favourite Baking Recipes

The astrophysicist has shown he's more than happy to spend time in the kitchen.

We've seen the Bachelor organise two separate dates involving the preparation of sweet treats -- even if he wasn't necessarily concentrating on nailing the recipe with perfect 'MasterChef' precision.

After inviting Chelsie for an afternoon of baking banana bread, Matt was much more interested in flirting with flour and smearing batter all over his date's face.

Photo: Network 10

And during his chocolate tempering lesson with Emma, Matt was more absorbed in the temperature gun (and flirting, again) than learning about the very delicate art of heating and cooling chocolate.

Photo: Network 10

But if you were worried that Matt is merely using the kitchen as a backdrop to seduce women, fear not because he is truly serious about cooking.

Matt studied home economics for three years in high school "because it's basically chemistry in the kitchen" and his mates have joked that "things are getting serious" about a girl when he starts baking for her.

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The astrophysicist told 10 daily that even when he's doing some meal prep for healthy lunches (chicken, turkey, vegetables, egg whites), he still gets a kick out of the process.

"It isn't really exciting but it's therapeutic to cook and I think it lets your mind relax if it's a meal you're used to preparing," he said. 

Matt and Chelsie's rich banana bread. Photo: Network 10

While Matt enjoys a balanced diet, he's got a soft spot for the sweet treats he's been making since he was a kid.

"I have memories of baking as a child with my mum. I can recall vividly baking those box cupcakes that came with chocolate icing and the little edible Disney stickers you would put on top.

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"And like any kid who grew up in the 90s, I also remember attempting cakes from the Women's Weekly Children's Birthday Cake Book," he said, adding that the iconic train cake was a favourite. 

"I've advanced a little from there, but banana bread and apple pie are probably my go-tos," Matt told 10 daily. 

He explained that his go-to dinner is a Caprese salad followed by either a traditional spaghetti carbonara or an aglio e olio (garlic and oil).

If you fancy putting together a Bachelor-inspired meal, you can check these tasty recipes out:

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And The Australian Women's Weekly Choo-Choo Train Cake, of course!

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